How Augmented Reality Can Change the Face of the Manufacturing Industry?

Oct 15, 2017

Manufacturing industries across the globe are increasingly adopting all the latest disruptive technologies of the 21st centuries including IoT, VR, automation, robotics, and big data analytics. Augmented reality is no exception to this statement. The outrageous success of Pokémon GO fueled the widespread acceptance of the augmented reality technology within numerous industries. The ability of this technology to augment digital information onto physical elements and objects has limitless possibilities in the manufacturing industry. It can also cut down operating costs and production downtime in addition to ensuring a smooth flow of operation.

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Augmented reality in the Manufacturing Industry

Helps with Complex AssemblyThe manufacturing process has grown complex over time, requiring the assembly of hundreds and thousands of components in a precise sequence. Missing any small component or the sequence could severely compromise the product’s quality. Augmented reality eliminates the use of documents such as instructions and dynamically projects all information on the field of view all the time.

Cut Down on Maintenance Time
Today, companies have to rely on the availability of technicians for any maintenance tasks. Augmented reality can enable any person to do mechanical tasks by guiding them through 3D models to carry out the maintenance tasks. Additionally, it also eliminates the need for any maintenance manuals and displays the machine’s status in real-time for timely maintenance.

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Training Assistance
There are multiple ways in which augmented reality can be useful for training purposes. Firstly, companies can use AR technology to supplement employee’s existing knowledge with expertise delivered via telepresence, rather than training each one individually. Also, it can mix training with practice by feeding training information right on top of actual parts and assemblies.

Error Prevention
Errors in manufacturing lead to product defects, which, in turn, increases customer dissatisfaction. For instance, while inspecting the bracket installation in a fuselage assembly, manufacturers can use tablet cameras to superimpose a virtual image of the designed product and compare it against the real product. This technology helps engineers to detect flaws and make necessary changes quickly.

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