The Road to Transformation: AI in the Transportation Industry

June 19, 2018

Often, the use of advanced technologies in the transportation industry is affected by factors that are difficult to predict. This includes things like traffic, human errors, or accidents. However, artificial intelligence has taken off well in the transportation industry. AI uses observed data to make or even predict decisions appropriately. Furthermore, the use of artificial intelligence results in a significantly lower cost of labor in the transportation industry. Companies in this sector can also solve the issue of employee’s long driving hours and breaks between drives with fully automated fleets. Also, the emergence of industry-wide standards including blind-spot alert, adaptive cruise control (ACC), and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) would further fuel the growth of artificial intelligence in transportation.

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AI in the Transportation Industry: Benefits

Public safety

Artificial intelligence helps companies in the transportation industry to ensure the safety of the public when using their services. Safety of citizens using public transport in urban areas can be improved by tracking crime data in real-time. This will also facilitate the police to increase their efficiency by patrolling and keeping the citizens safe.

Autonomous vehicles

Self-driving cars have been the new buzzword in the transportation sector in recent times. They use artificial intelligence to function and make calculated decisions on the road. Self- driving vehicles prove to be a great opportunity to reduce the number of accidents on highways and increase productivity.

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Better planning and decision-making

The road freight transport system can utilize accurate prediction techniques to forecast their volume using artificial intelligence, which simplifies the transportation company’s planning process. Additionally, several decision-making tools for transport can be designed and run using artificial intelligence. This will affect investments made by companies in the future in a productive way.

Pedestrian safety

Using artificial intelligence, the path of pedestrians or cyclists can be easily predicted, which would help in decreasing instances of traffic accidents and injuries. This will allow for more diverse transportation usage and an overall reduction in emissions.

Control traffic flow

Traffic flow has a great impact on transport. If this data is adapted for traffic management via artificial intelligence, it will result in streamlined traffic patterns and a significant reduction in congestion.  Also, real-time tracking and smarter traffic light algorithms can control higher and lower traffic patterns effectively. This technique is also effective in public transport for optimal scheduling and routing.

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