Consumers Beware! There’s Active Ingredients in Your Medicines

April 11, 2018

In the healthcare industry, the active ingredient is that ingredient of the medicine that allows it to have an effect on the body of the patient consuming it. Some examples include paracetamol, insulin, and ibuprofen. You would have often noticed warning statements on medicine labels and packaging. These usually relate to the potential side effects caused by the active ingredient, which is present in the medicine. Furthermore, the dosage instructions on medicine labels refer to the amount of the active ingredient that should ideally be taken to gain the desired health effect.Request Free Proposal

What are the consumer health risks associated with being unaware of the active ingredient?

The brand name or trade name of medicine is the name assigned to a particular medicine by the manufacturer. Different companies in the healthcare industry often market medicines that contain the same ingredient. For instance, once a patent on a prescription drug has expired, other suppliers can start supplying medication with the same ingredient under various brand names. These are commonly termed as generic medicines. When a patient buys their prescription medicine from different pharmacies, there are chances of them being provided with different brands of the same drug. In this case, it is essential to be aware of the ingredients so that the consumer avoids taking multiple doses of the same ingredient. Here are different risks that consumers can avoid by being aware of the ingredients in their medicine:

  • Assisting consumers to recognize two different brands include the same active ingredient
  • Identify any ingredients in the drug that may cause allergic reactions or interactions with other
  • Customers can avoid accidental overdose

Tips for healthcare companies to build active ingredient awareness

Here are some proposed changes that drug companies in the healthcare industry can incorporate to avoid the risk of consumers being unaware of the active ingredients present in a drug : 

  • The active ingredient must be listed immediately under the brand name of the medicine’s packaging.
  • To better differentiate between the brand name and the active ingredient, there should be a difference in font style or letter spacing or font color.
  • In the case where there are more than three active ingredients, the most abundant components must appear on the main label immediately below the brand name. Furthermore, the names, together with the quantities of every active ingredient, are to be included on a side panel/label or on a rear panel/label of the product.

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