5 Food Trends That Will Help You Hop on To The ‘Fit’ Bandwagon

Nov 28, 2017

healthy foodFood is something that makes most of us go weak in the knees. Over the past few decades, the food industry has seen a drastic boom owing to people’s openness to try and experiment with new cuisines from around the world. However, over the past few years, the food trends have been gradually evolving, and even though pizza is still bae and burger continues to be the king of our hearts, there is a drastic inclination towards healthy eating habits. Let us explore some of the millennial fueled food trends that are the ‘best of both worlds’ for people looking to try out innovative cuisines with a touch of health benefits:IR_Brochure

Buddha Bowlsbuddha bowl

A healthy meal packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants and require zero culinary superpowers – what more could you ask for? Buddha bowls, also known as macro bowls, are one of the healthiest food trends that include colorful bowls loaded with roasted vegetables on a bed of whole grains or rice and sauce.

Sushi Burrito

Sushi burrito or sushito is a ‘marriage made in heaven’ of Mexican and Japanese cuisine element. What makes it one of the viral food trends is that it is highly customizable and loaded with proteins and healthy fat. They are also known to have many health benefits such as lower cholesterol levels, improvements in the cardiovascular system, etc.

Going Vegan

Vegan diet is one of the food trends that has been consistently popular for a quite some time now. This eating habit consists of plant-based eating while completely excluding consumption of meat and animal products. The vast number of health benefits associated with it is what makes ‘going vegan’ one of the ever-popular food trends.

food trends 3

The Avocado Trend

Avocado is one of those food fads that refuses to die, probably because it is one of the food trends that has something for everyone- from avocado toasts to popsicles to the latest addition avocado latte. This fruit is known to be rich in proteins and minerals and has a wide range of health benefits.

Coconut is the New Quinoa

Coconut has become one of the popular food trends in the recent times – all thanks to its wide range of health and skin benefits. Also, products such as coconut ice creams, smoothies, flour, and sugar have made it even more popular among foodies and health nuts alike.


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