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Why It’s Time to Rethink Your Packaging Strategy and How to Do It Right

As hundreds of new products make their entry into retail shelves every year, it is critical for brands to revamp their packaging strategy in order to stand out in the market. Furthermore, changing consumer demand, social movements, increasing regulatory compliance, and economic challenges have brought the need for better packaging initiatives to the forefront. Businesses must rely on packaging strategy solutions that are ongoing, periodically evaluated, and continuously improved. Moreover, modern brands have also realized the importance of packaging strategies in marketing a product. The packaging design can play a vital role in the customers’ buying decision. Customers are placing equal importance on both the quality of the packaging design and the functional aspect of the product.

Packaging strategy solutions experts at Infiniti Research explain some of the key reasons why businesses must consider a product packaging redesign.

Outdated product packaging design

Trends in the packaging industry are constantly changing. In the 90s, skeuomorphic designs that made products resemble their real-world counterparts were popular. Most of the product packaging designs during that era also featured bright colors and a large number of design elements. However, today most companies are adopting a packaging strategy that is aligned with a minimalist approach which incorporates a significantly lower amount of design elements. If your current packaging strategy is outdated from what your counterparts in the market are offering, it definitely needs an upgrade.

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Innovation in product formula

It is common for companies to explore new product innovations and formulas over time. With the introduction of new ingredients or technology, the brand’s packaging strategy will have to adapt to meet these new functionalities and specifications. Moreover, this also acts as a good opportunity for brands for marketing the improvements in their product formula.

Company rebranding

Rebranding has become a common business trend lately. Mostly legacy brands who have been in business for decades tend to change to a more contemporary branding to reflect the modern times. Some even make changes to their logos and visuals in order to reflect a change in direction. Formulating a new packaging strategy under such circumstances are important to ensure that the design is consistent with the brand’s new aesthetic.

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Public relations crisis

Even the best of brands have experienced a public relations crisis at some point. As today we live in a digitally connected world, negative publicity can spread like wildfire on social media channels, proving fatal for the brand image and reputation. In case companies go through such a crisis, they must rethink their packaging strategy for two primary reasons. Firstly, it shows that the brand is moving away from the bad publicity that it has received. Secondly, it creates an impression that the brand is actively trying to improve its brand image, starting with the design.

Technological advancements

Incorporating modern technology as a part of your new packaging strategy can not only result in efficient product packaging and design strategy but also helps identify innovative designs that you may be missing out on. For instance, brands use several new visual elements in packaging to attract customers including embossing, debossing, foil stamping, or even a spot UV that highlights a part of the packaging design.

Steps to create an effective packaging strategy

Packaging strategy

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4 Product Packaging Mistakes That Will Cost You

If you were to compare the packaging industry today to that a decade ago, it’s quite clear that the sector has witnessed manifold growth. Most companies have come to terms with the fact that packaging is indeed a vital part of their business. In fact, product packaging is now being considered to be an integral part of sales. But at the same time, if overdone, product packaging could burn a hole in your pocket too. Considering the goal of any business is to minimize losses and maximize profit, it’s clear that pinpointing where common mistakes occur in the product packaging and the packaging design and preventing them are critical to the success of a business. Therefore, it is important for companies to strike a balance between choosing the right packaging materials and not overspending on unnecessary packaging elements. From the experience of our industry experts, here are some of the common product packaging mistakes that you need to avoid for helping your brand shine on and off the shelf and garner better returns:


Infiniti’s Market Intelligence Solution Enables a Renowned Product Packaging Client to Promote Marketing Effectiveness and Improve Business Efficiency

The product packaging market is driven by the extensive demand for convenience food and the increasing awareness of packaged foods.

Today, the demand for fresh produce is out-pacing the production rate with the role of packaging in the protection and marketing of consumer products gaining prominence among the suppliers. The growth of the product packaging market can be attributed to factors such as the increasing nutritional awareness and the growing preference for ready to eat products. In addition, consumers’ demand for food products in small-sized and convenient packages is compelling manufacturers to shift towards active and smart packaging techniques, which will subsequently help increase the shelf life of the food products. Moreover, the radical shift toward lightweight, comparatively low cost, and decent protective performance will promote the growth of the product packaging market.

Although the population boom and the availability of ready-to-eat products may influence the growth of the industry, several factors may hinder the performance of the industry. They include:

  • Keeping up with the technological changes: The rising competition is paving the way for competitors who are trying to meet the changing consumers’ demands. Companies are facing the need to redefine their packaging techniques to improve the size, shape, and functionality of the packaging material. To keep pace with the changing needs, manufacturers in the product packaging space have to invest in new machinery and infrastructure.
  • Increasing cost of raw materials: The raw materials involved in packaging include plastics, resins, paper, paperboard, and adhesives, which are the victim of fluctuating raw material prices. Also, polypropylene has witnessed a considerable hit due to the reduction in the supply of the material.
  • Sustainability challenges: The wastage associated with the packaging industry is becoming a major concern among the consumers and the regulatory bodies. Most of the ingredients used in product packaging are difficult to recycle; and this becomes a concern for manufacturers to reduce wastage and improve packaging

While product packaging finds a prominent position among the health-conscious consumers and consumers looking for ready-to-eat products, reaching out to these target audiences will be the matter of concern for most packaging companies. Therefore, organizations should take effective measures to ensure that they identify the segments who are looking for fresh produce and allocate their marketing resources to meet their requirements. To attain their goals, companies should come forward and leverage market intelligence solutions.IR_RFP

The Business Challenge

  • The client- A product packaging client with numerous service offerings

To assess the competition in the market, a renowned product packaging client wanted to gain an understanding of the latest packaging trends and take effective decisions through the synthesis of market information. The product packaging client wanted to create a broad picture of the existing market, customers, problems, and the competition while keeping abreast of the latest technologies. With the help of an effective market intelligence engagement, the product packaging client needed to identify the growth opportunities and develop a comprehensive strategy focusing on the latest packaging trends and their strengths and weaknesses.

IR- market 00

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Our Journey

To identify potential challenges and gain a better understanding of the packaging trends, the market intelligence experts at Infiniti carried out extensive research comprising interviews and discussions with prominent stakeholders in the product packaging space. The client also gained adequate information across published sources such as paid industry databases, trade shows, and company presentations.

The Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

Many businesses leverage the use of market intelligence to understand the current packaging trends and keep up to date with the developments in the product packaging space. The market intelligence solution offered by Infiniti offered relative insights into questions such as the current potential customers and competitors. The product packaging client was able to increase their competitive advantage and make better-informed business decisions.

The Future

With the growing social and environmental concerns, packaging companies will witness the use of smart and sustainable packaging techniques to drive change. The packaging industry will include smart packaging techniques such as RFID technology for electronic tagging, tracking of stock, and better recycling methods such as biodegradable packaging.

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