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Media Monitoring

By studying trends and patterns from unstructured social media data, we help clients
keep a tab on shifting customer preferences and increase their media ROI.

What we offer

Social Media Monitoring & Measurement

To help clients understand the effectiveness of their communication outreach, we provide solutions that include crisis and event monitoring, media audit and measurement, brand audit and measurement, media benchmarks with industry peers, and also competitive audits.

Social media networks

Social Media Research

Our solutions allow clients to make informed business decisions and offer businesses solutions such as the best practices to follow on digital media, category and competitive landscapes, customer landscape and behavior, social media efficacy, and brand performance.

Crisis & Adverse Event Reporting

Emphasizing on delivering real-time data to clients, we offer a range of crisis monitoring solutions including real-time negativity reporting, regional negativity reporting, root cause analysis and channel reporting, key influencer mapping, and crisis sentiment movement.

Introduction to our case studies

Social media monitoring
Business Challenge
A leading soft drink brand wanted to monitor what the customers are talking about their brands in social media.
The client was facing challenges in keeping track of conversations across social media channels on their brand and assessing the performance across a set of key KPIs.
With the help of media monitoring solutions, the client was able to gain an understanding of the perception of the customers on its brands and re-align its social media strategies to achieve better brand reputation for its brands.
Media campaign
Business Challenge
A leading mobile phone brand offering life improvement services, wanted to monitor and measure the effectiveness of its media campaigns.
The client wanted to continuously monitor and measure the effectiveness of its media campaigns and obtain insights on improving the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.
With the help of media monitoring solutions, the client was able to design and develop specific campaigns  and select specific channels to engage, based on insights on percentage of trial initiations and percentage of conversion.
Business Challenge
A leading pharma brand wanted to track and measure the impact of its product campaign over social media networks and understand how the campaign was impacting their brand perception vis-à-vis  their competitors.
The client was facing challenges with exceedingly large number of  social media channels, exceedingly high social media volumes owing to digital campaigns and developing segmented reports for different stakeholders.
With the help of media monitoring solutions, the client obtained real time insights on conversations from different customer segments and developed custom KPIs on their social media performance to realign  social media strategies to reach diverse customer segments.

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