Top Challenges Currently Faced by Steel Manufacturers

February 4, 2018

The steel industry holds ample promising prospects for growth and profit. However, it cannot entirely be labeled as a sector that is devoid of threats and challenges. Currently, trade and overcapacity are some of the dominant issues for steel manufacturers.  

But the list, unfortunately, doesn’t end there; there are still several issues that steel manufacturers need to address to ensure that they function smoothly in the long run. Furthermore, the increasingly competitive environment is putting pressure on global steel companies to search for better ways to gain a competitive advantage in the market. We examine some of the key challenges that steel manufacturers need to tackle for hindrance-free long-term sustainability in the market.

urbanization in emerging markets and the renewal of infrastructure in developed markets should mean that steel consumption will continue to grow steadily. The big question for steel manufacturers is whether they would be able to meet the growing demand, especially from emerging economies in the long run.

Price volatility of raw materials

The constantly fluctuating price of raw materials and weak steel prices have put significant pressure on steel margins.

However, steel manufacturers have been working hard to become competitive in other ways. They have been taking several steps to gain more control of their raw material pricing, while cost-cutting has led to production cuts in some regions. Several steel manufacturers are also investing a considerable amount of money into R&D for differentiating their products from other players in the market.

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