Infiniti Research in the News: Millennials become important asset to the luxury auto market

Jun 9, 2017

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Luxury Daily mentions Infiniti Research in their May 26th article

“Millennials as a whole are more interested in luxury automobiles compared to past generations, which makes the group vital to these brands as the individuals come of age and enter the car-buying market.

According to a new report from Infiniti Research, millennials differ greatly compared to their predecessor generations such as baby boomers and Gen X when it comes to car buying. As the younger generation begins to see some relief from the financial woes that has previously driven their decisions, they are likely to be extremely important to luxury automakers.

Luxury Daily News: Millennials have become an important asset to the luxury auto market

Millennials and automakers

Previously, the financial concern may have influenced millennials’ interest in ride-sharing, rental, and other temporary platforms rather than car ownership. But the tables are starting to turn, and research is showing they are more interested in buying now more than ever. Now that millennials are coming of age and finding themselves in more stable jobs, car buying is essentially the next step for them.”

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