Infiniti Research in the News: Chile and other countries in Latin America pressing ahead with Renewable Energy Sources

Jun 17, 2017

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Market Business News mentions Infiniti Research in their June 11th article

“Chile, along with other Latin American countries, is pressing ahead with ambitious plans to shift its electricity supply away from fossil fuels toward greater use of renewable energy sources.

So concludes a new report from Infiniti Research that suggests, for example, that Latin America is expected to install over 47 gigawatts of new capacity in wind energy over the next 10 years.

Until recently, Brazil was the dominant player in Latin America’s wind power market, but political and economic instability will likely weaken its efforts to install new capacity in 2019, the report predicts.

Consequently, Brazil’s lead in the market is likely to be overtaken by Chile, Argentina, and Mexico – all three of which have declared ambitious targets to raise the use of renewable energy sources.

Market Business News: Chile and other countries in Latin America pressing ahead with renewable energy sources

Mexico and Argentina

Mexico’s renewable energy market is shaped by climate change legislation published in 2012 that declared that the Central American country was raising the proportion of electricity generated from renewable energy sources – including nuclear power – to 35 percent by 2024 and 50 percent by 2050.

Also, in 2014, Mexico passed a package of new laws to reform the energy market and open it up to private investment. Although it is aimed primarily at oil and gas, the move is also expected to open up foreign interest in Mexico’s renewables market.”

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