Newest Methodologies for Dysphagia Analysis and Treatment

Jul 10, 2017

Infiniti’s latest customer intelligence study on instant thickeners for dysphagia patients help companies manufacturing these products determine the patient likeability or preferences and analyze their visible opinion.

Understanding the dysphagia disease market

Patients suffering from Parkinson, stroke, and multiple sclerosis develops an inability to swallow, often caused by diseases called dysphagia. Smooth, thickened food and drinks are the best options for the people suffering from this condition. Healthcare professionals add thickening agents to liquids, which help the patients to swallow liquids without aspiration or choking. The most readily available products in the market are in the form of starch-based and liquid xanthan gum-based gel thickeners. These thickeners are used to maintain proper nutrition and hydration amongst the patients and reduces that chance of contracting any other diseases that could harm the patients. Healthcare providers are also developing a customized plan that may include exercises to improve swallowing function and a varied diet to make eating and drinking easier for the patients. The customer intelligence study by Infiniti provides strategic insights into the instant thickeners market regarding the product likeability, demographic data, and regulations.

The healthcare professionals are creating diet modification plans, which include liquid and solid food consistencies that suit the requirement of the patients. Such initiatives help in augmenting the market for different thickeners that match the requirement of several patients. The suppliers are introducing products that are safer and more comfortable, and provide the correct amount of nutrition and hydration to the patients. Additionally, these products have a manageable consistency that reduces the chances of unsafe swallowing.

Introduction of different variants of thickeners

The suppliers in the market are launching several variants of products to gain a competitive advantage and boost their profitability. The introduction of powdered xanthan gum thickeners results in perfect consistency and adds no additional flavor to the food and beverages. Some of the vendors are also launching protein-based products that add additional nutrition to the food and beverage and add health benefits for the patients. The demand for pre-thickened beverages is also gaining popularity in the market and creating growth opportunities for the suppliers in the industry.

Solutions and recommendations

The customer market intelligence team at Infiniti offers a comprehensive understanding of the quantity that a dysphagia patient drinks in the form of thickened solutions and growth opportunities to manufacturers in the US. Some of the solutions offered are listed below:

  • Identify a range of thickened drink products that are easier to consume over their counterparts
  • Help determine the client’s position in the market and develop a customized selling approach to support their new product
  • Offer information on the patients and compare their products available in the market
  • Identify the thickened drink products that are easier to swallow
  • Provide valuable information on the portion that a dysphagia patient drinks on a daily basis in the form of thickened products

Read our comprehensive case study on customer intelligence study to understand the preference for instant thickeners among dysphagia patients

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