Competitive Intelligence Study – Product Portfolio Benchmarking in The Automotive Industry

Competitive Intelligence Study – Product Portfolio Benchmarking in The Automotive Industry

The recent competitive intelligence study by Infiniti Research on benchmarking the product portfolio for the automotive industry provides insights into how our solutions helped an automotive manufacturer to analyze the competitive landscape and understand market dynamics.

Overview of the automotive industry  

Factors such as digitization and technological advancements are fueling the growth of the automotive industry through new and improved business models. The automotive industry generates most of its major revenues from the European and North American regions, and manufacturers are contemplating expanding their base to emerging markets such as the APAC to expand their consumer base. The automotive industry is inundated with technological advances such as electric cars, autonomous cars, and internet enables and IoT connected vehicles. Automotive manufacturers are also recording enormous growth, and to gain a foothold in the market, it must understand the competitive landscape before devising effective market strategies. Infiniti offers competitive intelligence solutions to analyze and anticipate potential challenges in the market to facilitate strategic decision making in terms of product positioning, launch, and marketing. The competitive intelligence study helps clients to profile their competitor’s offerings and understand their product portfolio to help devise market entry strategies and develop new products.

The new trend in the automotive industry – Electric cars

Rising environmental concerns and sustainability issues coupled with stringent emission standards are driving the market for electric motor vehicles. Electric cars are driven by electricity and rechargeable batteries compared to traditional fuel based vehicles. The manufacturers in the automotive industry are developing a market strategy and obtaining market insights to drive adoption of electric cars among consumers across the globe.


Solutions and recommendations

The market intelligence team at Infiniti Research offers various solutions to understand the current scenario in the remittance industry and its growth prospects over the next few years. Some of the solutions offered include:

  • Identifying market opportunity in emerging markets and assessing the competitive landscape
  • Devising dynamic marketing strategies to expand market share thereby facilitating informed decision making
  • Analyzing investment requirements for market expansion plans
  • Assessing the market, product portfolio and stakeholder landscape to facilitate a product attribution analysis, forecast process and competitor’s strategy

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