Analyzing the Marketability of Clinical Guidewires Market Through Market Intelligence Study

Jul 14, 2017

The latest market intelligence study by Infiniti Research on the clinical guidewires market provides a detailed analysis of the challenges faced by manufacturers and its applications across the target regions.

Trends and developments in the clinical guidewires market

The rising number of patients with urology, ophthalmology, neurovascular, and cardiovascular disorders is boosting the demand for clinical guidewires in the healthcare industry. The growing applications of devices in facilitating cross-resistant lesion in the vasculature and a shift in trend towards minimally invasive surgeries will have a positive impact on the growth of this market. The manufacturers of these products are investing in technological advancements and research and development to offer better patient care and quicker diagnostics. The introduction of medical infusion, hydrophilic coated superelastic guidewires, and magnetic navigation technology will attribute to the evolution of the healthcare industry. The prevalence of stringent regulatory policies and the high cost of investment in product development is acting as a barrier towards new entrants in the market. Infiniti’s market intelligence study for clinical guidewires market offers comprehensive insights into the clinical and the competitive landscape. The study also analyzes data from clinical research publications, medical research journals, online medicine libraries, and market research reports to determine growth prospective and demand trends.

The focus on product launched and extensive R&D activities will help suppliers to offer best in class devices that offer high patient satisfaction. The vendors are investing in the development of guidewires with advanced features and technologies to gain a competitive advantage over other players in the market. These new-age guidewires will minimize the risks associated with minimally invasive procedures and will enhance the diagnosis and treatment of different disorders.

Technological advancement

The suppliers are focusing on the introduction of technologically advanced and innovative guidewires to meet the dynamic requirements of the end-users. The launch of advanced neurovascular guidewires has resulted in the increase in tip flexibility, portability, and advanced torque response. Another advancement in the market is magnetic navigation, and it has extensive applications in interventional cardiology. Additionally, the availability of low-cost stainless steel and reusable devices will help reduce the cost of medical surgeries and procedures.

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The advent of hybrid guidewires

The rising need for flexible, easy to use, and low maintenance devices created the market for hybrid guidewires. These are new systems nitinol hydrophilic wire that have sensors to provide easy access to the healthcare professionals. These devices are designed to facilitate diagnostic access quicker and safely which thereby reduces the discomfort to the patients. The sensors installed makes these both an access wire and a working wire and help reduce the number of devices that are used during a procedure.

Solutions and recommendations

The market intelligence study by Infiniti on the clinical guidewires market provides comprehensive information on quantitative and qualitative aspects of competitors, target markets, and end-users. Some of the solutions offered include:

  • Offer strategic insights into the clinical guidewires market for various therapeutic applications
  • Deliver detailed overview of the market guidewires and related technologies for cardiovascular and neurovascular applications
  • Identify untapped segments, assess their market potential, and uncover the opportunities in these segments
  • Provide a thorough analysis of the market in terms of health economics and regulatory environment
  • Offer an exhaustive analysis of the usage landscape and device descriptions

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