Market Opportunity Analysis Engagement for a Vacuum Packaging Company Helps in Analyzing Positioning Strategies

May 29, 2018

Today, vacuum packaging companies are facing challenges on the production floor that affect the production and overall operational efficiency.

As brands continue to demand fast time-to-market and quick turnarounds, vacuum packaging companies are seeking to increase their efficiency and automation throughout their production process to cater to the potential bottlenecks in the manufacturing process.

Moreover, regardless of the growth opportunities prevalent throughout the vacuum packaging industry, a significant number of companies are plagued by staffing challenges. In particular, companies are facing concerns over bringing in new employees representing the younger generation of the workforce. This concern further compounds with the issue of current employees reaching retirement age and leaving the firm. As these established workers round out their careers, vacuum packaging companies are struggling to replace them with eager young people seeking a career in the packaging industry.

Business Issues

  • The client: A vacuum packaging company

The client, a leading vacuum packaging company based out of the United States, approached Infiniti Research to leverage a market opportunity solution to analyze the impact of the current market trend in the industry and create new opportunities. The chief objective of the engagement was to assess the potential market opportunities and implement a robust strategy to grab expansion opportunities.

How Can Market Opportunity Engagement Help Companies in the Vacuum Packaging Market?

Market opportunity analysis helps companies to identify customer needs and accordingly design and deliver product and service experiences to boost customer satisfaction. With the help of market opportunity analysis, companies can accomplish organizational objectives such as increasing market share and profits.

Summary of our market opportunity solution

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Client Journey

Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis experts carried out a blended research methodology comprising of interviews and discussions with leading market stakeholders in the vacuum packaging market to help the client gain a competitive edge in the packaging industry. The experts also developed client-specific insights using qualitative market research and gathered information from exclusive sources such as magazines, and company representations.

The Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

With the help of Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis engagement, the vacuum packaging company gained insights into the existing market pains and unmet needs of the end-users. This helped them devise robust solutions and identify the growing market trends and opportunities present in the market. Furthermore, the packaging firm analyzed their positioning strategies and gained recommendations on how to differentiate their offerings from competitors.

The Future

A multitude of factors can be accredited to the market’s remarkable growth trajectory in the past few years, including the rising consumption of packaged and processed food and increasing consciousness about food hygiene and safety among individuals. Additionally, factors including rising household income and the rising inclination to spend on hygienic food are expected to bolster the growth of the global vacuum packaging market in the coming years.

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