Leveraging Market Trend Analysis to Estimate Market Size and Optimize Product Offerings

November 15, 2018

Trend Analysis Methods That You Must Know

Market trend analysis is commonly used to analyze the statistical market data and behavior over a definite time period in order to generate valuable insights for strategizing and forecasting future business plans. One can use different market trend analysis methods to identify and better understand the dominant traits of a market and the consumers associated with it. In today’s complex business scenario, in-depth market insights act as an essential tool to gauge market success, which is why we’ve listed the different types of market trend analysis methods that are applicable for players across industries. They include:

  • Statistical analysis
  • Geographical analysis
  • Temporal trend analysis
  • Intuitive trend analysis

Market trend analysis acts as a powerful tool for obtaining in-depth insights on specific market segments which can eradicate preconceptions and open minds by exploring and combining insights that might affect the environment and conditions in which a company operates.

Client’s Profile

The client- a well-known, global investment banking company headquartered in the U.S.

Predicaments Faced

Our client, a global investment banking company was looking to substantiate their proposed plan for enhancing business value by funding of a new product that wished to launch. The investment banking company wanted to conduct an in-depth market trend analysis to gauge the past and current market behavior in order to identify dominant patterns of the market as well as consumers.


The investment banking firm wanted to leverage market trend analysis to:

  • Compare and estimate the accurate size of the market
  • Identify the subset of advisors to target for product adoption
  • Optimize product design to suit customer needs

Moreover, the investment banking firm was more inclined at assessing the different market trend analysis methods that would help them glean insights into customer requirements, the profile of the likely product adopters, and identify the essential product features that would encourage successful product innovation within their organization.

Our approach

The market trend analysis experts at Infiniti Research leveraged market intelligence to uncover specific market information that investment banking companies require prior to their product launch. The adopted strategic approach helped the client to make future predictions and assisted them in understanding the relevance the of developing a specific product and better strategic forecasting.

Business Impact

The implementation of the market trend analysis methods enabled the investment banking company to gather and analyze industry-specific demographic and firmographic information. This empowered them to identify the true size of the market, determine the incidence of likely users and also determined the Asset Under Management (AUM) range of the best advisor targets.

Moreover, the quick turnaround from finding relevant answers to all their questions to obtaining trusted results from a hard-to-reach audience equipped the investment banking company with the knowledge they needed to inform their strategic business decisions. Also, senior decision-makers of the investment banking firm were pleased with the quality, cost, and efficiency of the end results.

Today, market landscapes change faster than ever making it essential for businesses to understand the market curve in order to gain a winning edge.

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