Infiniti’s Customer Segmentation Solution Helps a Renowned Transportation Services Provider Retain the Most Profitable Customer Segments

December 11, 2017

The global transportation services industry is capital-intensive, comprising services such as freight transportation by road, rail, air, and marine modes. In this ever-changing world, business leaders are focusing on providing seamless transportation services to stay ahead of the competition and drive change in the market. Also, with the rise in crude oil prices, prominent transportation services providers are facing the need for customer segmentation solutions to move products and information more efficiently. Moreover, in this customer-driven economy, it becomes indispensable for the service providers to profile and target ideal customers and adequately streamline their offering to meet the demand requirements. In the transportation services space, it becomes essential for the service providers to re-align their marketing sources to establish effective communication among the business units. As the consumers base is growing, the companies in the transport industry are on the verge to find the most valuable segment to tailor marketing materials toward these specific segments.

To identify segments with high growth potential and focus on discrete target groups, transportation services providers are approaching renowned solutions providers like Infiniti. Infiniti’s customer segmentation helps businesses understand the needs and buying characteristics and refine their current marketing channels to gain desirable outcomes. The customer segmentation strategy also focuses on differentiating customers based on their economic value into individual segments.IR_Brochure

The Business Challenge

A leading transportation services provider with a considerable number of offices spread globally wanted to create a value-based approach to define their best prospects in the market. The client wanted to identify the most profitable segments and develop segment hypotheses and variables and separate the customers based on their needs and value. The primary concern of the engagement was to differentiate the customers and offer better customer support to scale their offerings in an agile and seamless manner. Beyond the service offerings, the client also wanted to offer personalized services to the customers and enhance their marketing ROI.

IR- customer segmentation

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Our Approach

To develop focused marketing messages and customize their offerings, Infiniti’s customer segmentation experts carried out extensive interviews and discussions with leading stakeholders in the transportation services space. To promote the stability of the customer base, the customer segmentation experts at Infiniti also compiled information across a wide array of sources includes industry forums, paid industry databases, and whitepapers.

Benefits of the Customer Segmentation Solution

The customer segmentation solution offered by Infiniti helped the client understand the customer requirements and design their services to meet the specific customer needs. Moreover, the client was able to profile and target the ideal customers and reduce time-to-market for the services rendered. In this relatively competitive space, the client was further able to proactively identify and avoid bottlenecks pertaining to the delivery of products. Infiniti’s network of experienced professionals also helped the client maximize saving opportunities, while providing better visibility into the supply chain process.

Additional Benefits Offered by Infiniti Include:

  • Identified the prominent KPIs and made smart and informed business decisions
  • Gained better transparency into the supply chain process right from the manufacturing space to the delivery of finished goods
  • Better managed the supply chain process and reduced the number of bottlenecks
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