Market Intelligence for a Leading Transportation Industry Client Helps Establish their Presence in APAC

December 14, 2017

According to a recent study, it is estimated that the investment in the transport infrastructure is expected to increase at an average rate of 5% globally. The transportation industry at large encompasses services such as the freight transportation by road, rail, and marine modes. The sector is further witnessing a shift toward a capital-intensive environment with the growing demand for efficient transportation services among the end-users. Some of the additional factors influencing the growth of this industry are given below:

  • Increasing fuel prices: Globally, leading organizations in the transportation industry are witnessing fluctuations in the oil prices. This, in turn, is affecting the transportation sector as an increase in the price of oil can lead to increased lead times and further result in a decline in the outbound transportation activities.
  • Decline in import and export activity: Due to the recent economic volatility, countries across the globe are witnessing a radical decline in the trade practices. This can further affect the logistics companies as the industry relies on trade practices to bridge the demand-supply gap for the products offered to the customers.

Due to such factors, prominent organizations in the transportation industry are facing the need for market intelligence studies. A well-defined market intelligence engagement includes activities that are undertaken to gain an understanding of the current marketplace, the competitors, and the factors restraining the entry of new players across niche market segments. For leading organizations, market intelligence offers a deep-dive understanding of the market scenario before making any investment decisions.

The Business Challenge

A leading client in the transportation industry with wanted to analyze the market’s growth prospects regarding the spending habits of the customers and competitors’ offerings. The client wanted to gain a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors and better position their products to meet the customer’s requirements. The primary concern for the client was to assess the quality and performance of the services rendered and the possibilities of expanding business opportunities to new market segments to stay ahead of the competition. With the help of this market intelligence assessment, the transportation industry client wanted to gain insights on the emerging trends and demand fluctuations.

IR- market intelligence

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Our Approach

To understand the gross and net profit potential in the transportation industry, Infiniti’s market intelligence experts carried out extensive interviews and discussions with prominent stakeholders in the transportation space. With an aim to assess the changing demands of the end-users, the market intelligence experts also compiled information from various secondary sources such as paid industry databases, industry forums, and company presentations.

Benefits of Market Intelligence Solution

The market intelligence solution offered by Infiniti helped the transportation industry client to accurately forecast the freight demands and meet the unique requirements of the client in an efficient manner. The engagement also helped the client streamline their logistics activities and overcome delays in the supply chain process. The solution offered by Infiniti also assisted the client in identifying the potential market segments that have a high demand for logistics and improving their product offerings to spur revenues. The engagement further helped the client deliver products to the customers while enhancing the customer satisfaction.

Additional Benefits Offered by Infiniti Include:

  • Leveraged the use of innovations to revamp their overall supply chain architecture
  • Modernized its network and offered flexibility and reliability in the services offered
  • Improved international trade and increased the overall profitability and revenue

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