A Telecom Industry Client Developed Innovative Business Models and Seized Profitable Opportunities With Market Intelligence Engagement

December 13, 2019

Telecom Sector Overview

Although the telecom sector has become essential to the daily lives of the world’s consumers and businesses, the industry remains stuck in a low-growth mode. Inability to scale internal digitization initiatives, failure to prioritize workforce planning, inefficacy to combat the growing CapEx burden, and failure to adapt to changing regulatory frameworks are some of the major risks faced by companies in the telecom sector. To succeed in the long-run, companies in the telecom sector will need to identify potential market risks and realign business models.

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Business Challenge

The client is a telecom company based out of the United States.

Despite the potential revenue uplift from 5G and internet of things (IoT), the company witnessed a huge decline in their market share and faced tough competition from other major players in the US. The client realized that unless they put customers at the front and center of their strategies, they’ll struggle to succeed. Therefore, the client needed to identify market risks, analyze competitors’ initiatives, and make actionable business decisions. To do so, they approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering market intelligence solution.

Other major challenges that the client encountered include:

Telecom sector challenge #1: Ineffective digital growth and diversification strategy

Although digital services were one of the top priorities for the client, they faced difficulties in generating growth from these services. The client, therefore, wanted to analyze how their competitors leveraged digital services, maximized their addressable market by developing innovative business models, and seized profitable market opportunities.

Telecom sector challenge #2: Underestimating changing imperatives in privacy, security and trust

Owing to GDPR or General Data Protection Regulations, consumers’ concerns about the use of their online data are continuing to increase. The client, therefore, needed to ensure that their customers’ data and experiences are safe and secure. Therefore, they wanted to identify all the compliance risks in the US telecom sector.

Telecom sector challenge #3: Inability to combat the growing CapEx burden

Leading telecom operators across the world are facing a new wave of network investment, ranging from 5G and low-power wide-area networks to gigabit fiber. Despite this, the returns on this CapEx remain uncertain. By thoroughly analyzing the US telecom sector, the client wanted to make the right choices around infrastructure switch-off, spin-off, and sharing.

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Our Approach

The experts at Infiniti Research followed a three-phased approach that involved:

Technology assessment to identify the next technological breakthrough and identify the cost-effective technologies leveraged by the client’s key competitors. The experts also analyzed the digital technologies gaining popularity in the US telecom sector.

Risk management solution to identify financial, compliance, strategic, and operational risks in the US telecom sector.

Market opportunity assessment to analyze the market changes and industry developments in the US telecom sector.

Results Obtained

By gathering comprehensive insights into the US telecom sector, the client was able to develop innovative business models and seize opportunities for inorganic growth, service innovation, and diversification through M&A and strategic alliances. Also, they were able to keep up with regulatory requirements and ensure the safety of consumers’ data. In addition, by identifying workforce challenges, they were able to prioritize workforce planning and build employee engagement.

By identifying profitable opportunities in the US telecom industry, they were able to make the right choices around infrastructure switch-off, spin-off, and sharing. Furthermore, the company developed actionable risk management strategies to tackle rising market risks.

The company was able to better compete in the market, in terms of capabilities, prices, and service offerings. Within eight months of leveraging our market intelligence engagement, they were able to enhance market share by 37%.

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