Sourcing Intelligence Study for Household Cleaning Products Market

August 29, 2016
Business Challenge
A Fortune 500 FMCG company wanted to gain insights on the low cost sourcing intelligence to obtain raw materials for its household cleaning products.
The client wanted to develop a strategic sourcing plan and understand the global demand supply conditions of raw materials for household cleaning products and benchmark potential suppliers in order to enhance cost benefits and performance.
We conducted a supply and demand market analysis covering the areas such as key suppliers by region, production capacities, growth rates and forecast, feedstock pricing etc. We also provided a cost structure model which was based on the value chain analysis and raw material pricing.
Our insights enabled client to identify low- cost countries such as China, India,  Japan, US, South Korea, UK etc. and source cheaper raw materials and intermediates. We also helped them identifying and shortlisting potential partners in these countries.

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