Effective Risk Assessment Process Helps a Green Products Manufacturer to Enhance Business Performance

November 13, 2018

Green Products Industry Trends

Going green is becoming frequently attractive as a marketing strategy. Markets for green products are gaining traction since they act as a viable substitute for many pollution-generating products in the economy. Green marketing is an effort to characterize a product as being environmentally friendly. It holds the view that marketing which is a component of business not only has to serve customers in particular but also has to consider into account the concerns of society in general. Organizations and business, however, have seen this shift in consumer attitudes and are striving to gain an edge in the competitive market by employing the potential in the green home products industry. 

What is a Risk Assessment Process?

getThe method of identifying, evaluating, and developing strategies to handle risks is known as a risk assessment process. Risk assessment process serves in promoting diligence in times of discipline and patience at time of crisis.

Risk assessment template follows a three-step process:

Step 1. Identify the risk

Step 2. Assess the risk in proportion to the hazard.

Step 3. Put in place suitable control measures to eradicate or reduce the risk.

Benefits of a Risk Assessment Process

  • Identify security vulnerabilities
  • Justify spending
  • Improve planning
  • Boost productivity
  • Help make budget choices

Why Infiniti Research?

Infiniti Research is a leading market intelligence company that provide in-depth insights that help clients devise effective action plans and market strategies. With over a decade of experience, Infiniti Research has been instrumental in offering deep-dive market assessments, strategies, and research assistance to 500+ companies across the globe.Request Proposal

Client Profile

The client is a global leader in the green products market based out of the UK. 


getAs a part of promoting their newly introduced range of green home products, the client was looking to identify potential risk factors to stay competitive. Additionally, the client wanted to implement a risk-assessment process that helps them identify problems in the marketing plan and prevents losses for the company. The organization needed to implement sounder decisions in devising marketing strategies making it possible to avoid errors and obtain the necessary economic results.

Solutions Delivered

With the help of Infiniti’s risk assessment process, the organisation was able to successfully recognize current security vulnerabilities, inabilities, and noncompliance. As a result, the client was able to determine what measures must be taken to eradicate these identified weaknesses and strengthen the security of the system. With risk assessment template, the client was able to make checklists of the potential risks and further devise effective measures to reduce bottlenecks and enhance their overall business efficiency.

Infiniti’s solution, which included an effective risk assessment process, bring about improvements in the organization’s businesses processes. It improved efficiency in financial planning and communication.

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