Developing a Business Strategy to Facilitate Strategic Planning for a Leading Private Label Brand

October 16, 2018

Types of Business Strategy Models

In today’s digital era, leading business organizations are focusing on increasing the business value for their investors. While several leading players turn to organizational transformations to do so, a few are investing in developing a business strategy model that correlates with their business goals. However, businesses are growing rapidly and are disrupting the status quo like never before in history, making it essential to analyze the different types of business strategy models.  A well-defined business strategy model acts as a framework that guides business decisions and helps you track your performance on an ongoing basis.

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The following are the different types of business strategy models that play a vital role in analyzing the huge realms of qualitative and uncategorized data generated by businesses today:

  • Porters five forces model
  • Porters diamond model
  • Greiner’s growth model
  • Marketing mix model

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Predicaments Faced 

The client’s inability to make well-informed business decisions led them to make instinctual decisions that did not adhere to their business goals and objectives, thereby costing millions in lost revenue and sales. After implementing several branding and facility changes the private label consumer packaged goods brand was now focused on preparing for their strategic planning process in order to expand their product line.

But before such an undertaking could happen, the private label brand wished to ensure their business strategy clearly communicated their business objective. The client’s management team realized that a business strategy model would help them understand the current state of their brand and analyze key barriers and drivers to purchase.

Our Approach 

The ultimate aim of this engagement was to develop a business strategy model to conceptualize brand awareness and enhance the brand value from the viewpoint of the company’s stakeholders. We offered solutions that helped the private label brand to improve brand awareness while maintaining and strengthening brand loyalty and reputation among existing and potential customers as well as international partners.

Business Impact 

A detailed study of factors affecting brand affinity, business value, and consumer awareness led to the prioritization of the future business objectives of the private label brand. Also, the in-depth insights into the different types of brand strategy models aided the private label client to develop a future-proofed business strategy. Ever since the client has relied upon Infiniti Research as a one-stop-shop for developing, enhancing, and sustaining a competitive business strategy.

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