Pharma Competitive Intelligence driven Insights Expedite Pharma R&D and Drug Development For a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization

March 10, 2021

Analyzing the Role of Pharma Competitive Intelligence

To stay ahead of the curve in today’s dynamic, rapidly transforming pharma market, every contract development and manufacturing organization must have access to detailed insights and intelligence on market developments and commercial-, clinical-, regulatory-, and R&D events. Infiniti’s pharma competitive intelligence solutions make this possible by offering instant access to factual data on global industry developments in the contract pharma market along with an easy-to-access solutions portfolio that caters to every business need.

  • Drug discovery
  • Drug development
  • Pharma R&D
  • Patent expiration tracking
  • Real-time analysis of market segments
  • Clinical trials
  • Market moving events

Not all competitive intelligence solutions are alike; they vary from industry-to-industry and depend on business-specific needs. To learn more about our extensive range of pharma competitive intelligence solutions conceptualized and developed to cater to the diverse needs of pharma and biotech companies, contact us.

This success story serves as a classic example of Infiniti’s expertise in pharma competitive intelligence. It offers in-depth insights into how we helped a contract development and manufacturing organization prioritize pharma R&D effort and reduce spend by bridging price gaps, discovering unmet needs, and analyzing competitors’ targets and R&D priorities.

Case in Point

With every Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) focusing on evolving the drug development and manufacturing process, there is an ongoing need to expedite and prioritize R&D spend. This success story sheds light on a similar challenge faced by a contract development and manufacturing organization based out of Germany. The client approached us to leverage our pharma competitive intelligence expertise to conduct a detailed analysis and better understand their competitors’ target areas and R&D priorities.

Competitive intelligence-driven pharma market insights enhanced the drug development strategy resulting in measurable improvements in drug development and manufacturing timelines.

By partnering with Infiniti Research, the contract development and manufacturing organization wanted to explore R&D trends and find opportunities to expedite pharma R&D processes by focusing on innovations and best practices adopted by leading players in the market. The client also wanted to leverage pharma competitive intelligence based insights to understand Germany’s competitor landscape, identify new market opportunities, bridge performance gaps, and reduce R&D spend.

Our comprehensive pharma market reports can help you understand macro trends and synthesize competitive insights to make data actionable. What are you waiting for? Request a free proposal, and we’ll put you in direct contact with our global pharma market research team.

Our Approach

To help the client, our market experts initially defined the business problem by creating a framework, complete with critical questions and hypotheses specific to the German contract development and manufacturing market. The solutions offered as a part of this pharma competitive intelligence engagement were custom-built with a core focus on tackling the unique challenges faced by the client. The different coverage areas and phases of our three-pronged pharma competitive intelligence solution are briefly described below.

Phase 1: In-depth German pharmaceutical market coverage

The breadth of market coverage and information offered empowered the client to gauge revenue potential and detect competitive threats in the pharma market in Germany, identify market catalysts, and untapped new opportunities to expedite drug development more holistically than ever before.

Phase 2: Pharma competitive intelligence based on factual market information

Pharma competitive intelligence proved to be a cornerstone to success by helping the client understand the market dynamics and gain a comprehensive view of the competitor landscape. Over the course of the project, a full set of current-state best practices and new market opportunities were identified and agreed upon by key stakeholders.

Phase 3: Technology assessment study to understand market maturity and technical breakthroughs in the German pharma market

Our pharma market intelligence experts also conducted a technology assessment study shedding light on the latest technological breakthroughs in the German contract development and manufacturing market. Apart from the detailed cost of implementation insights, the client also gained access to data on industry benchmarks and quality standards of industry-leading contract development and manufacturing organizations.

To gain comprehensive insights into the pharma market landscape, catalysts and challenges, request a free brochure right away!

Business Impact

By understanding the competitive market dynamics and forecasting business opportunities within the German pharma market, the client was able to devise a robust strategy to address unmet needs and tackle R&D spend. Adopting cost-effective technologies also helped the client expedite the drug development process and reduce drug manufacturing and R&D costs.

The market study and in-depth pharma competitive intelligence insights helped the client to:

  • Improve productivity by enhancing their drug development process
  • Achieve drastic reductions in R&D spend within a short span
  • Analyze the competitive landscape and prioritize their R&D efforts

Get Ahead with In-depth Pharma Competitive Intelligence Insights 

Given the growing complexities in healthcare and pharma markets globally, it’s no longer enough to acknowledge the market shifts. Businesses must position themselves competitively in a way that empowers their R&D processes and fuels innovation models. As leading contract development and manufacturing organizations focus on sustaining a competitive position in the global market, they tend to forget that it’s crucial to align business needs with goals and adopt a strategy to leverage pharma competitive intelligence and advanced market insights. Adopting such an approach will help businesses uniquely position themselves for long-term success and sustained competitive advantage.

The pandemic has severely impacted the R&D initiatives of global contract development and manufacturing companies. To thrive amidst this scenario while transforming R&D to ensure business continuity is a real deal. If you’re facing a similar challenge or find yourself in a similar scenario, request more information to learn how our pharma market intelligence solutions can help.

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