Realizing Savings in Operational Cost by $2.7 Million for an Oil and Gas Company | Operational Risk Analysis Engagement

Sep 27, 2019

Operational Risk Analysis for the Oil and Gas Industry

Although the oil and gas industry contributes significantly towards the national GDP, factors such as market volatility and fluctuating oil prices are exposing oil and gas companies to a variety of operational and financial risks. Owing to the rising risks in the oil and gas industry, companies are finding it challenging to sustain a leading edge in today’s competitive marketplace. As such, identifying and mitigating major risks in the industry are becoming vital for oil and gas companies to stay ahead of the curve. This is where the real power of leveraging operational risk analysis comes into play.

Business Challenge

The client is an oil and gas company based out of Europe. Volatile raw material prices, inability to expand reserves, operational risks, and supply-demand mismatch were hindering the profitability of the company. Also, this impacted the company’s operational efficiency and production capacity. The client, therefore, wanted to identify operational risks impeding their business growth. They approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering operational risk analysis solution.

With Infiniti’s operational risk analysis solution, they also wanted to:

Prevent operational risk from threatening profitability

Inadequate reserve estimates and supply-demand management challenges heavily impacted the production process of the company. This subsequently affected the company’s profitability. With Infiniti’s operational risk analysis solution, the client wanted to identify all the operational risks in advance and undertake operational risk management strategies to tackle them.

Reduce financial risk

Economic downturns posed certain risks for companies in the oil and gas industry. Therefore, with Infiniti’s operational risk analysis solution, the client wanted to take appropriate steps to tackle financial risks before they impact their business operations.

Solutions Offered

To help the client tackle the above-mentioned challenges, the experts at Infiniti Research conducted a quantitative risk assessment study. The study involved identifying all the operational risks and prioritizing them based on their impact on the organization.

As a part of the operational risk analysis engagement, our experts also carried out a market assessment study to help the client keep tabs on target market segments, forecast demand-supply shifts, and provide insights on the potential impact of changing factors on business segments.

Also, by leveraging Infiniti’s expertise in offering supply and demand analysis solution, the experts helped the client to efficiently manage their supply chain processes.

Results Obtained

With Infiniti’s operational risk analysis solution, the company was able to identify all the risks impacting their business operation and also prioritize them based on their severity. Also, they were able to efficiently implement operational risk management strategy. Furthermore, our operational risk analysis solution helped the client to enhance their operational efficiency and realize savings of over $2.7 million in their operational cost.

Operational Risk Analysis

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