An Online Healthcare Service Provider Achieved 15X Increase in Leads by Leveraging Marketing Services Engagement

February 5, 2020

Online Healthcare Services Market Overview

According to a new study by the healthcare market research experts at Infiniti Research, the global online healthcare services market is expected to witness positive growth through 2022 owing to the rising government initiatives to promote online healthcare services. Additionally, rising demand for remote monitoring services, penetration of smartphones and other mobile apps, and the rise in the number of health apps are some of the major factors propelling the growth of the online healthcare services market. However, as the world of healthcare is evolving, marketing is becoming more challenging than ever. To compete in today’s customer-centric industry, online healthcare service providers are in the need to look to digital marketing solutions to enhance reach, personalize messaging, integrate channels, and drive patient engagement.

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Business Challenge

An online healthcare services provider in the US, that helps women with fertility issues, relied solely on standalone marketing and web applications to drive patient engagement. However, with increasingly diverse customer base, the online healthcare service provider was finding it difficult to reach out to target customers with their traditional marketing techniques. They wanted to standardize marketing technologies, streamline communications, and enhance customer experience and retention. In addition, they wanted to expand into the digital marketing space. They chose to partner with Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering marketing solutions.

Other key challenges that the online healthcare service provider wanted to tackle by leveraging Infiniti’s marketing solutions were:

Transition from traditional to digital marketing: The online healthcare service provider wanted to revamp their traditional marketing model and integrate highly targeted online and offline tactics to engage with their patients.

Leveraging digital marketing on a tight budget: As the company witnessed huge losses in marketing budget on unprofitable initiatives, they had budget constraints. The online healthcare service provider, therefore, wanted to achieve better results from digital marketing campaigns by testing their effectiveness on smaller representative audiences.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) marketing limitations: As HIPAA restricted healthcare marketers from using certain tools, such as remarketing ads, in order to safeguard users’ confidential health data, the client had major limitations to marketing. The online healthcare services market client, therefore, wanted to thoroughly understand the policies and regulations in their target regions and strategies their initiatives accordingly.

Personalizing marketing initiatives: With Infiniti’s solution, they wanted to understand the needs, preferences, values, behavior, and demographics of consumer segments in their target market and devise marketing approaches accordingly.

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To help the online healthcare service provider tackle the above-mentioned challenges, a robust discussion guide was prepared in consultation with the client. The guide comprised of both qualitative and quantitative questions to gain insights about marketing initiatives from the top online healthcare service providers. Besides, an extensive database was generated by Infiniti Research team through secondary research.

As a part of the marketing services engagement, the experts selected smaller representative audiences and conducted demo campaigns across all the channels. By efficiently gauging the results, they helped the client to focus on creating campaigns that delivered the desired impact. The experts also helped the client to gather relevant insights into the HIPAA privacy rule and recommended solutions to customize goal-based-budget for marketing.

By gathering comprehensive insights into their patient’ needs and requirements, the online healthcare service provider was able to personalize marketing approaches for them and drive patient engagement.

Results Obtained

With Infiniti’s marketing services solution, the client was able to focus more into innovative marketing approaches, which helped them streamline communication and enhance customer experience. Also, by expanding into the digital marketing space, they were able to attract 250+ new customers in six months. Besides, the client was able to integrate highly targeted online and offline tactics to engage with their patients.

By undertaking the right marketing initiatives, they were able to save huge on their marketing budget. In addition, by understanding the restrictions of HIPAA, they were able to act accordingly and safeguard users’ confidential health data.

Infiniti’s marketing services engagement also helped the client to achieve 20% increase in profits and 15X increase in leads.


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