An Online Education Provider Increased Student Enrollment by 37% with Market Intelligence Solution

March 13, 2020

Online Education Market Overview

The global online education market has been witnessing a huge growth over these years and is expected to do so in the coming years owing to smartphone penetration and increasing government initiatives to develop digital education infrastructure. Besides, growing adoption of cloud-based solutions coupled with huge investments by major market players towards enhancing the security and reliability of cloud-based education platforms are spurring the growth of the online education market. On the contrary, marketing of online education is becoming highly challenging as students are having high and very specific expectations. As such, online education marketers are in the need to adopt a sound marketing strategy to efficiently market their online courses and increase reach to potential enrollments. 

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Business Challenge

The client, an online education company offering in-person language courses, based out of San Francisco, invested into printed brochures and offline marketing initiatives. However, offline marketing initiatives did not help the client to effectively market their online courses and reach the right set of customers. As a result, the online education company encountered a huge loss in its marketing budget. To curtail the losses incurred in their marketing budget, they wanted to devise a sound marketing strategy. They chose to partner with Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise offering in market intelligence solution.

By partnering with Infiniti Research, the client also wanted to:

  • Understand students’ needs and craft personalized marketing messages for them
  • Monitor online education companies offering similar courses and differentiate offerings. The client also wanted to develop a unique value proposition
  • Integrate highly targeted online and offline tactics to engage with their students
  • Validate the demand for their course in the target market
  • Identify initiatives to enhance student-teacher interaction
  • Improve online conversion and increase enrollment

Major online education companies continue to lag when it comes to communicating about the courses that they offer. Are you facing similar challenges? If yes, our market intelligence experts can help you to reach out to your target customers with the right initiatives. Contact us here.

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