Customer Engagement Helps a Leading Mining Company Bridge the Communication Gap Through Various Channels of Correspondence

November 23, 2017

At present, due to recent fluctuations in the commodity prices, mining companies are on the verge of re-organizing their capital investments. Also, with the growing shift toward innovations and the presence of new entrants, leading mining companies are relying on effective customer engagement to develop better price strategies. In the manufacturing space, mining companies are stepping out of their comfort zone to foster customer loyalty and awareness. With the help of an effective customer engagement strategy, renowned mining companies can effectively curb churn rates by prolonging the customer journey. To stay competitive in today’s dynamic market space, customer engagement becomes indispensable for mining companies to create value for the customers while improving their overall profit margins. Moreover, marketers across the mining industry are relying on customer engagement solutions to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

To ensure superior customer experience and better serve customers, renowned mining companies are approaching organizations like Infiniti Research. With years of expertise in offering a plethora of services, Infiniti’s customer engagement solution helps the client provide robust customer services around the clock and better understand their needs to spur sales.


The Business Challenge

Like most other mining companies, a renowned firm in the mining industry was facing challenges identifying the potential customers and improving customer retention capabilities. The mining industry client wanted to build a strong customer engagement strategy to refine their prevailing customer relationship and provide real-time, personalized experiences to target customers. With the help of Infiniti’s customer engagement solution, the client wanted to measure customer sentiment and predict future loyalty. The primary objective of the engagement was to keep the customers engaged and plan future customer engagement activities to spur the sales of equipment and services.

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Our Approach

To profile potential customers and build a robust retention strategy, Infiniti’s customer engagement experts carried out extensive qualitative and quantitative research and engaged with prominent stakeholders in the mining space. With an aim to enhance marketing effectiveness, the customer engagement experts also compiled information across a wide array of secondary sources including newsletters, industry forums, and company presentations.

Benefits of Customer Engagement Solutions:

  • Ensured a steady flow of raw materials and further down to the supply chain
  • Increased productivity, profitability, and further enhanced operational efficiency
  • Improved communication by delivering consistent news and information
  • Gained real-time feedback on the products and enhanced operational efficiency
  • Reached out more niche target segments and streamlined their product offerings

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

The customer engagement solution offered by Infiniti helped the client transform and simplify operations across finance, sales, and the supply chain. With the help of the engagement, the client was able to profile potential customers and drive customer loyalty and enhance the lifetime value of each customer. Moreover, the customer engagement study also helped the mining industry firm to proactively determine customers tastes and preferences and position their products and services accordingly.

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