Devising a Digital Transformation Roadmap for a Metals and Mining Industry Client Using Market Intelligence Solution

May 28, 2020

A metals and mining industry client sought Infiniti’s assistance in becoming truly customer-centric. Infiniti collaborated with the company to design the digital transformation model and transcend the typical cost-reduction adjustments.

Scare resources and rising uncertainty around commodity prices have put the metals and mining industry in a state of turmoil. Besides, rising costs, increasing need for innovation, cyber threats, reducing carbon footprint, and workforce management hurdles are increasing challenges for companies operating in the metals and mining industry. As such, cost cuts, automation, and operational efficiency are becoming imperative for metals and mining companies to succeed in the long run. This is where Infiniti steps in with its best-in-class market intelligence solution. With Infiniti’s market intelligence solution, companies in the metals and mining industry can manage the impact of rising costs, embrace innovation to thrive in a fast-changing environment, and explore new digital technologies.

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Business Challenge

The client is a global metals and mining company based out of Canada.

Automation and increased maturity in the use of data provided significant benefits to the client’s competitors, such as an uplift in productivity and reduction in production costs per tonne. Also, the client noted that their traditional risk matrix was no longer helping them in identifying and managing potential risks. Consequently, they were losing ground to competitors. The company, therefore, turned to Infiniti to leverage their expertise in offering market intelligence solution. They also wanted to design the digital transformation to create transparency into business and customer processes, better predict and anticipate customer needs and demand, and enable faster, more agile decision making.

Other key objectives of the client were:

  • Maximize their returns and increase the return on capital
  • Minimize loss across the entire value chain
  • Ramp up innovation and extract more value from current resources
  • Focus on sustainable cost reduction programs
  • Review supplier and service contracts
  • Define a new digital architecture to enable future digital initiatives to be achieved at lower costs

As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought new supply chain complexities in the metals and mining industry, companies should focus on achieving risk-adjusted efficiency in the supply chain. Our market intelligence solution can help you achieve this strategic objective. Contact us here.

metals and mining sector client was able to pursue digitalization projects to achieve operational excellence. Also, by implementing risk management approaches, they were able to assess and track risk dimensions constantly. By keeping pace with price fluctuations in the market, the client was able to streamline operations and build contingency plans. By focusing on cost-effective mining technologies, they were able to achieve cost reduction in production processes.

Within one year of leveraging our market intelligence solution, the client was able to build a customer-centric value chain, streamline processes, reduce costs, and realize savings of over $1.3 million.

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