Market Opportunity Assessment Study Enables a Leading European Medical Imaging Firm to Enter the APAC Market

September 4, 2017

With the recent shift towards value-based care delivery models, leading organizations in the healthcare sector have started focusing on sneaking through the barriers to penetrate across niche and lucrative market segments. In the medical imaging landscape, the relentless growth of technology has forced organizations to embrace advanced technologies and standards to optimize efficiency in treatment patterns. Also, with the presence of numerous competitors, key players in the medical imaging market are leveraging robust market opportunity assessments to offer services at reasonable costs. Market opportunity assessment helps organizations tap new market segments and enhance their product offerings to promote better patient outcomes.

With an eye on expanding market presence, the market opportunity assessment experts at Infiniti help clients reach out to end-users in the niche regions and offer convenient and affordable patient engagement. Also, the market opportunity assessment solution helps clients to leverage the use of effective business and technology strategies to improve accuracy, quality, and efficiency in diagnostic procedures. In addition, the client can further implement a value-based patient care approach to deliver fast and accurate testing results.IR_Brochure

The Business Challenge

Every organization in the healthcare landscape wanted an answer to the general question: what are the available potential market opportunities? Penetrating across different market segments requires a deep-dive understanding of the regulations and investment options. In this competitive environment, it is pivotal to understand niche market segments to gain better insights into the level of competition. The client, a renowned medical imaging firm, wanted to view important metrics like the current market performance, the potential opportunities, and technologies in the European medical imaging market.

Our Approach

To get the desired information on the potential market opportunities, the client, who is a key player in the medical imaging market, approached Infiniti’s market opportunity assessment experts. Infiniti’s team decided to carry out a blended approach comprising interviews and discussions with leading stakeholders in the medical imaging market. Moreover, the experts decided to craft a market opportunity dashboard containing relevant pieces of information to deliver valuable insights to the client.

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Market Opportunity Assessment Benefits

  • Collated data to identify and mitigate risks in potential new markets
  • Develop a robust business plan and target the most relevant market segments
  • Understand the size and behavior of medical imaging market in APAC
  • Develop a dashboard to gain critical information about competitive landscape, competitor assessment, and plan positioning
  • Better position their products and closely monitor performance against competitors
  • Assess the regulatory changes in the market and carry out a robust price benchmarking

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

Having gained all the necessary data to understand the potential opportunities in the medical imaging market, the client was able to enhance their product offerings in the APAC region. The medical imaging client was also able to quickly identify and benchmark their product portfolios in the APAC region. The engagement assisted the organization to harness the value of their data to find new niche market segments, operate more effectively, and minimize risks.

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