Craft Beer Market Size Analysis: An Infiniti Research Success Study

Craft Beer Market Size Analysis: An Infiniti Research Success Study

Case Overview

A well-renowned craft beer manufacturer wanted to evaluate the market opportunities for their products in five countries, which also involved market analysis and market size estimation of the global craft beer market. As a result, the craft beer market player approached Infiniti to help them overcome their predicaments. 

Client Profile

The client – a leading craft brewing company headquartered in Missouri, United States. The company operates 15 breweries across the United States and employs over 15,000 individuals.


The craft beer market client wanted to gain insights into their revenue geGet More Infonerating capacity by covering both the historical progress of the market and forecast the future development prospect. The client was also facing segment classification incompatibilities between the company and the general market because of insufficient market knowledge about specific segments.

Solutions Delivered

With the help of Infiniti’s market analysis and market size estimation techniques, the craft beer market player devised a unified top-down and bottom-up approach with a judgmental bootstrapping method to derive the installed base, and a numerical extrapolation method to derive the market size and growth of the relevant product segments.

About Infiniti Research

Infiniti Research is a leading provider of actionable market intelligence and advisory solutions that help global organizations in entering, competing, and capturing maximum market size potential. Our researchers have a wide-ranging experience in deep dive custom research and consulting for over 100 Fortune 500 companies and numerous small and medium-sized companies across several industry verticals.

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