Boosting Market Share and Enhancing Profit Margins by 11% for a Construction Equipment Manufacturer – A Case Study on Market Share Analysis

March 11, 2019

Business Challenge

The declining growth prospects for construction equipment in European regions resulted in low profits for companies in the construction equipment market. Also, competition in the market has been fierce, which forced major construction manufacturers to lower prices for their equipment. This compelled smaller companies to either sell their business to major companies or to liquidate the business altogether.

The client, a major heavy equipment manufacturer, approached Infiniti Research to conduct a market share analysis to gain insight into their current market position in the global manufacturing industry space. Also, they had plans to expand their business operations to new markets such as Canada and the US. With Infiniti’s market share analysis solutions, the client wanted to estimate target market share and understand the competitiveness in terms of their product offerings.

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Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

The analysts at Infiniti Research performed comprehensive primary and secondary research of the construction equipment market in the US and Canada. The research also involved interviews and discussions with stakeholders in the industry space. Infiniti’s experts also analyzed the input gathered from a vast array of resources such as company presentations, industry forums, and paid industry databases.

Infiniti’s market share analysis solution helped the client to gain real-time insights into their market position and determine their key features compared with their competitors. The market share analysis helped the client to assess the relative competitiveness of their products compared with their competitors. The market share analysis solution also helped them to profile the potential target segments in the US and Canada and increase their overall profitability. In a span of eight weeks, the client was better equipped to make informed business decisions, which boosted their market share and enhanced profit margins by 11%.

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What is Market Share Analysis and Why is it Important?

Market share analysis is a part of market analysis and indicates how well an organization is doing in the marketplace compared to its competitors. While market share analysis does not give a company a defined number regarding its profitability, it does provide key insights about a company’s revenue, growth, and net profits. Furthermore, by understanding market share, companies can accurately measure pricing strategies, consumer perception of new products and services, promotions, management personnel, and other key business initiatives.

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