Building an Effective Market Segmentation Strategy for a Leading Automotive Industry Player

August 7, 2018

The regulatory and environmental constraints prevalent in the automotive industry are pressurizing leading players to keep abreast with the technological and automotive industry trends to meet the dynamic market requirements.

In the coming years, the automotive industry will play a major role in the ecosystem in enhancing customer value through communication, mobility, and information. With new players increasingly entering this ecosystem; new processes, customer channels, and product life cycles are expected to bring in the next wave of change in the automotive industry. Many such factors have made players in the automotive industry to realize the importance of market segmentation in defining their business strategies.

However, future transformations in the automotive industry will be driven by customer preferences and digital transformations. The automotive industry is greatly affected by the ongoing technological advancements. Powerful technologies are improving customer experiences, with capabilities far beyond the reach of science. As a result, automotive industry players will have to be cost relevant, efficient, and more responsive to the changes in the automotive industry trends to be a part of this change in the coming years.

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The Business Challenge

  • The Client: A leading automotive industry player

A leading automotive industry player wanted to build effective marketing segmentation strategies that resonate with each target market segments. To do so, the client was looking at leveraging quantitative and qualitative techniques, under the guidance of a skilled market segmentation expert. Hence the automotive industry client approached Infiniti Research to engage in a market segmentation assessment. Additionally, the client was looking at leveraging our expertise in market segmentation to reach the target audience by devising effective messages and products.

Importance of Market Segmentation

Today, the automobile industry is growing rapidly with more and more new market entrants trying to establish themselves. This has brought about major disruptions in the market, making it difficult for existing players to expand into newer segments. For players to succeed in an increasingly competitive market such as the automotive, it is essential to segment the market into identifiable subgroups and develop precise custom marketing mix for each subgroup to drive growth.

Our ‘Market Segmentation’ solutions empower automotive companies to keep track of automotive industry trends and devise effective strategies to drive growth in each market segment. Moreover, it just doesn’t just deal with improving growth, but also enables automotive industry firms to understand the importance of market segmentation in driving market growth.

Summary of Our Market Segmentation Engagement

Client’s Journey

With the help of our market segmentation solutions, the automotive industry client was able to optimize their acquisition and retention strategies. The solutions offered also assisted them to improve competitiveness and profitability by focusing on service enhancement, product development, and marketing on market segments with the highest potential.

The market segmentation experts at Infiniti conducted detailed research to help the automotive industry player understand the importance of market segmentation in improving market share. The adopted approach included primary and secondary research methodologies coupled with qualitative and quantitative data collection procedures and automotive industry trends. The experts also reached out to various stakeholders within the automotive industry. Request a free brochure to learn more about our core capabilities and the services we offer.

Solution Benefits and the Business Impact

The solution offered by our market segmentation experts helped the automotive industry firm to develop precise strategies to drive growth in each market segment. It also helped them keep abreast with the automotive industry trends and leverage the latest technologies to meet the new market requirements.

The Future

The complicated automotive landscape poses several challenges for players looking to establish themselves through market expansions and new market entrants looking to gain a stronger foothold. From this case study, it is notably evident that companies will not sustain the growing competitive pressure if their marketing strategies are dependent upon targeting the entire market segment.

The importance of market segmentation is that it enables organizations to precisely target consumer segments with specific needs. The right approach and ingenuity can provide holistic insights and quality solutions to enable long-term business success. Market segmentation also acts as the key to success by enabling automotive industry players to make better strategic decisions and use their resources more efficiently.

A must-read case study for strategy specialists and decision-makers looking to develop an understanding of the importance of market segmentation in the automotive industry. For more information, please get in touch with our market research experts.

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