How Infiniti’s Market Research Services Helped a Consumer Electronics Manufacturer to Strengthen their Market Position in the US

November 7, 2018

Overview of Consumer Electronics Market in the U.S

Consumer electronics are staples in American households and include a wide range of items, from DVD players to refrigerators. The consumer electronics industry, which largely relies on discretionary purchases of such products, has been plagued by sluggish growth in per capita disposable income and consumer confidence over the past five years. Improvements to wireless networks have spurred the rapid introduction of new mobile devices, growing demand for consumer electronics market. Still, many consumer electronics industry products have approached market saturation, leading to price competition and downward pressure on profit margins throughout the consumer electronics industry in the U.S.

Market Research Services: Why is it Essential for Businesses?

getMarket research services deal with the objective collection and analyzation of industry-specific data in order to offer comprehensive insights into the market opportunities, competition, and other similar factors which help organizations to better understand the market landscape. Market research methods are used for developing practical strategies, weighing the pros and cons of a proposed decision, and determining the future track of the business.

How to Do Market Research?

Strong market research methods help learn about the audience, know their needs, and place the products and services to serve them better. These steps would help analyze and serve the customers better:

  • Define buyer persona
  • Engage the target audienceGet More Info
  • Prepare research questions
  • List primary competitors
  • Summarize findings

Why Infiniti Research?

Established in 2003, Infiniti Research is a leading market intelligence firm with proven capabilities to deliver market research solutions and actionable granular insights on a wide range of industries. With over 15 years of expertise in offering strategic market information, we’ve carved out a niche for ourselves in the field of market research and custom market intelligence.

About the Client

The client is an American consumer electronics manufacturer headquartered in the United States.

Predicaments Faced

To understand the customers’ behavior and practice ongoing trends, the client, a renowned consumer electronics company approached Infiniti to engage in a market research. The client wanted to understand the market landscape in order to maximize benefits by efficiently tapping into the prevailing market opportunities. Moreover, the consumer electronics industry client needed to set up newer trends to meet consumer needs and preferences and understand the market dynamics.

Solutions Delivered

With prior experience in consumer electronics market research, our experts helped the client to gain insights into the consumer electronics industry’s landscape. In addition, the market research services helped the client recognise potential problems and uncovered several areas for improvements. The consumer electronics market client also gained insights on existing market trends that supported them in identifying the newer trends and align them with customers preferences.

The robust market research analysis helped the client make informed market decisions and execute the same in designing a cohesive and a predictive market strategy. It helped the consumer electronics industry client in expanding their product portfolio in a profitable way and improving their market footprint.

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