Market Research : Helping an Agrochemical Industry Firm to Understand Customer Behavior and Establish Ongoing Trends

December 28, 2018

Agrochemical Market Research

The agrochemical industry has witnessed impressive growth over the last few years. The growth of agrochemical companies, across the globe, is driven by the increasing awareness among farmers in developing nations and new technological farming practices. Moreover, the rising population demand for food grains and the declining cultivable land due to industrialization and urbanization are also the main factors driving the growth of agrochemical companies.

Even though the agrochemical market offers lucrative opportunities for major manufacturers of agrochemical products, agrochemical companies have their own set of challenges. According to the agrochemical market research report, the major restraints for the agrochemical companies are the development of organic pesticides and bio-farming, increasing acceptance of genetically modified seeds by farmers and government initiatives towards integrated pest management. Furthermore, various health and environmental hazards linked with the product are also impeding agrochemical companies’ growth.

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How Market Research Benefits Agrochemical Companies?

A market research process helps agrochemical companies to center their business around the customers by understanding brand priorities, internal agendas, company goals, consumer demands, and market forces or competition. It is a critical step towards understanding how a product or service fares in the market and how one can strategize to make improvements or draw sales plans. Furthermore, a market research process assists agrochemical companies in:

  • Organizing assets, plan out short or long-term techniques for selling or marketing in the overwhelming market environment
  • Establishing methods to support business decisions, problem-solving, and reduce risks
  • Optimizing brand’s positioning with quantitative and balancing all the metrics over-time to become a reputable competitorRequest Proposal

Predicaments Faced

About the Client:  A leading player in the chemical industry, specializing in the manufacture of agrochemicals. 

The client, a leading player in the agrochemical industry, wanted to gain detailed market research report of the entry barriers, new opportunities, risks, and competition in the agrochemicals market. By analyzing the market landscape, the client was also looking at acquiring an early and sustainable competitive advantage before concept development and product build-out. Additionally, the agrochemicals manufacturer was looking at enhancing their marketing strategy to improve the product reach.

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Solutions Delivered

The experts at Infiniti Research followed a detailed market research process to help the client understand the competitive scenario prevalent in the agrochemicals market. By analyzing the market research report, the client was able to gain a better understanding of the market needs. This engagement also enabled the agrochemicals manufacturer to identify the product’s market potential and develop products that meet the demands of their users. Moreover, the market research report offered by our experts helped in determining a scalable approach to discover new growth opportunities, assess market trends, and potential risks for the agrochemical companies. It helped the company save $13 million, annually.

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