Market Opportunity Analysis Helped an Industrial Heating Systems Manufacturer Build a Detailed Five-year Business Development Strategy

December 2, 2022

The evolving technological advancements and new market trends have redefined customer demand for industrial equipment across geographies. As such, industrial equipment manufacturers are being forced to find new market opportunities to grow. While industrial equipment companies face ongoing disruptions, most are unaware of how market opportunity analysis and consumer analysis can help tackle challenges and exploit new value propositions to capitalize on market opportunities.

At Infiniti Research, we have an in-house global team of research experts who clearly understand industrial equipment market segments and provide clients with custom market opportunity analysis and research solutions, market entry strategies, and M&A support to help them achieve business goals expand their market footprint. We aim to empower businesses to make crucial decisions and capitalize on new market opportunities to gain an edge.

Business Challenge

A leading industrial process heating systems manufacturer faced major challenges while developing a five-year roadmap aimed at expanding their market footprint and brand reach in NA. Being one of the largest heating systems manufacturers, the client’s business operations were spread across eight countries, including the US, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. They approached Infiniti Research seeking help to conduct market opportunity analysis to better understand the North American market for thermal fluid systems and process bath heaters.

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Infiniti’s Approach to Market Opportunity Analysis

The client needed help understanding the market to be able to chalk out a detailed five-year roadmap. They also needed insights on strategic steps, investments, and the effort needed to sustain a competitive market position. Market opportunity analysis helped analyze the market and gauge the client’s strategic assumptions across product and service categories.

The research aided the development of global strategies to expand market reach. Over a period of three months, we analyzed the global market scenario and compiled the entire set of action points into a rationalized set of recommendations, including everything from acquisition to introducing new technology and new initiatives.

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Market Opportunity Analysis and Research Process Flow

Infiniti’s market research experts adopted a structured market opportunity analysis process to help the client address their issue and identify new market opportunities. The market analysis study began with the collection of qualitative and quantitative insights by subject-matter experts.

The three-phased research process involved holistic primary and secondary research followed by the analysis of research findings in the second phase. By working hand-in-hand with the client’s internal R&D team, we understood their needs and generated a market opportunity analysis report within a 10-week timeframe.

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