Market Landscape Assessment for the Agricultural Machinery Industry in Europe

June 5, 2017

Agricultural equipment is one of the most crucial aspects of the farming industry comprising of a wide variety of machinery and tools to upgrade the quality and quantity of production. Some of the most commonly used agricultural machinery include tractors, cultivators, de-stoners, tillers, and sorters. High commodity prices, population growth, higher productivity demand, and rapid urbanization are some of the important factors determining farmers’ income and driving the agricultural machinery industry. Emerging technological trends have led an augmented demand for developing new machinery and tools, which will offer several opportunities for market growth in the coming years. However, the decline in machinery sales and high labor cost are some of the key factors restricting the growth of the market.

As new technology and innovations continue to change the agricultural machinery industry, market landscape assessment is needed to define and understand the consumers’ needs. Infiniti’s market landscape assessment offers insights on the country landscape, growth trends, and competitors’ market share for the agricultural machinery industry. It also offers insights on competitors’ products offerings, maintenance and repair services, and their regional presence. Our research team works closely with agriculture industry experts, business executives, academicians, sales and distribution managers, and production managers to meet the specific needs of our client.

The Business Challenge

A leading diesel engine manufacturer wanted to assess the market dynamics for the agricultural sector in Europe with specific focus on the tractors and attachment segment. The client wanted to identify the potential markets (countries), along with insights into the attachments and tractors segment to enter attractive markets. To help the client develop a comprehensive market entry strategy, a study was commissioned to evaluate the farmers’ needs and expectations within each market, identify the major product customer segment combinations (PMCs), and assess each PMC in detail.

Our Research Methodology

Infiniti’s market landscape assessment team proposed a three-phased research engagement comprising of agriculture industry overview, country level intelligence, and product level intelligence. The research analysts performed an assessment of 25 countries for the overview of the agriculture industry in each country covering crops and livestock.

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Our Solutions Helped the Client:

  • Evaluate the farmers’ needs and expectations within each market to identify the major product customer segment combinations (PMCs), and further, assess each PMC to develop a comprehensive entry strategy.
  • Assisted the client in the identification of up to five main tractor manufacturers and an overview of financial, sales, and their market share. By our assessment of the target market segments, the client identified Euro-wide PMCs.
  • Evaluate the farmers’ needs and expectations within each market to identify the major product customer segment combinations. The client was able to gain information on market players, stakeholders of interest, and cost-related terms and conditions.

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

By following a blended research approach, detailed discussions, and interviews with farmers and end users, the market landscape assessment team was able to analyze the market overview, trends and growth drivers for the agricultural sector in Europe. Structured surveys with farmers offered insights into the specifications (power ranges) required for sub-segments within the agriculture sector and the satisfaction levels and expectations of farmers for current tractors available within the sub-segments. The market landscape assessment offered a holistic overview of the recent developments that led to changes of the existing tractor models. In just eight weeks, the clients gained insights on the market dynamics for the agricultural sector in Europe with specific focus on the tractors and attachment segment.

A must-read market intelligence case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to develop effective marketing entry strategies for the agricultural machinery industry.


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