Market Intelligence Engagement Enables a US Retail Chain to Build a Better Distribution Strategy

August 6, 2017

Currently, with significant advances in technology, the retail landscape has become more mobile and agile with multiple players offering a differentiated set of products. Businesses in the retail landscape are devising effective strategies to enhance their product portfolio and retain their foothold in the market. Also, numerous businesses in the retail landscape are planning to increase their market presence to make better returns on investment. To enter new markets and benchmark their strength with the competitors, organizations are opting for market intelligence engagements. Market intelligence solutions provide information about the external market environment such as market size calculations, competitor analysis, substitute product analysis, and market growth predictions.

Infiniti’s market intelligence solution helps the client gain a foothold in the market and increase its market presence. Also, the engagement helps the client stay ahead of the competition by identifying their capabilities, liabilities, and long-term intentions. Also, our market intelligence solution helps the client minimize the risk of an investment and establish and maintain a distinctive corporate identity. With the help of our solutions, businesses can tailor products and marketing efforts based on the robust needs of consumers.

The Business ChallengeIR_Brochure

A global conglomerate in retail was facing challenges understanding key competitors prevailing in the market. The primary objective of the engagement was to understand the top competitors among the countries in Europe. The client also wanted to analyze the regional strategy following an M&A.

Our Research Methodology

To address the client’s specific business requirements, Infiniti’s market intelligence experts carried out a blended approach comprising of interviews and discussions with leading stakeholders in the market. Also, the market experts carried out an in-depth analysis of the competitors in terms of their organizational structure and regional reporting lines, the level of investment in current expansion, key personnel by country and region, and the target markets. Moreover, the market intelligence experts carried out secondary intelligence gathering, telephone-based primary intelligence gathering, competitor analysis, and SWOT analysis.

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Our Solution Helped the Client

  • Identify key countries in Europe where the competitors posed a high-level threat
  • Analyze the distribution strategy by country
  • Identify the product focus by geographies
  • Assess competitors’ future strategy and key areas of future threat to client
  • Analyze competitors’ decision making across the countries among the target regions

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

In a span of six weeks, the client was able to gain a holistic view of the retail landscape in terms of the competitor strategy and regional operations. The engagement also helped the client identify the key areas and countries for future expansion.

A must-read market intelligence case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to assess the market landscape for the retail sector.


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