Infiniti’s Market Intelligence Engagement Helped an Automotive Industry Firm to Boost Market Attractiveness and Streamline their Product Offerings

Infiniti’s Market Intelligence Engagement Helped an Automotive Industry Firm to Boost Market Attractiveness and Streamline their Product Offerings

Future of the Automotive Industry

Globally, the automotive industry is witnessing promising growth, driven by the dire need to transform the driving experience for end-users and developments in terms of technological innovations. Furthermore, automotive trends such as autonomous and electric cars, connectivity, and ridesharing are changing the way automotive industry players think about value chains, data analytics, and manufacturing.

However, the automotive market is also facing unprecedented challenges in the form of:

  • Demographic changes and profound shifts in global economic power are causing massive upheavals in demand
  • Consumer expectations are changing radically
  • New technologies are dramatically changing vehicles, from the advent of the ‘connected car’ and enhanced driver support to better fuel efficiency and new or improved powertrains

At present, the automotive industry manufacturers and suppliers are confronted with increasing complexity as a result of increasing numbers of products and options, shorter technology cycles, increasing pressure to innovate, and global supply networks. So, automotive industry players need to balance the needs and demands of customers, investors, regulators, non-governmental organizations and the public to stay ahead of the curve.

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Automotive Market Intelligence Report: Why Is It Important?

‍Market intelligence is undoubtedly the foundation of any company’s business plan, discovering insights about consumers and generating prospective sales. As data collection and analysis technology advances in the revival era of artificial intelligence, company’s marketing methods need to be revised as well to effectively adopt the new digital resources. A market intelligence report provides detailed insights into the competitors, understand customers’ pain points & preferences, latest market trends, consumer buying patterns, economic shifts, and demographics. Thus, smart business owners leverage a market intelligence report to create effective marketing strategies.Request Proposal

Predicaments Faced 

About the Client: The client is a leading automotive market player, established in the US. They employ over 8,500 people and generate more than $16 billion in revenues, annually.

A renowned automotive company wanted to gain adequate information on the market scenario in terms of the competitors and their key product offerings. They also wanted to identify the hidden market gaps and opportunities to grow, expand, diversify, and tackle the rising competition. With the help of a market intelligence report, the client was looking out to seek ways to assess the potential bottlenecks in the automotive market and devise effective ways to enhance business efficiency. Additionally, with the aid of a market intelligence report, the client wanted to identify the profitable market segments and modify and tailor their marketing efforts around the customers’ needs.

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Solutions Delivered 

The market intelligence report offered by Infiniti Research helped the automotive company to gain accurate information on the market, the competitors, and their customers. The market intelligence report also offered information in terms of market analysis, market size calculations, competitor analysis, substitute products, and market growth predictions. Market intelligence report helped the client to refine their existing marketing models and devise effective marketing campaigns to enhance business performance. The market intelligence report subsequently helped the automotive market player to identify and address the potential bottlenecks in terms of the compliance requirements and enter potential markets in an agile and seamless manner. The solutions and recommendations helped the automotive industry client to stay ahead of the competition and streamline their product offerings.

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