Market Entry Advisory Assists a Global Oral Care Products Manufacturer Streamline Operations

October 9, 2017

Oral care product companies are directly impacted by the growing awareness of healthcare services in both developing and developed countries across the globe. This, in turn, compels manufacturers to develop an effective market entry strategy, especially for countries that are projecting a high demand for oral care products. Analysts at Infiniti Research predict that this growing demand will compel companies to spend big on developing strategies that would help them enter prospective markets in the shortest possible time. In the oral care sector, market entry strategy plays a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency of manufacturers in several verticals such as procurement, operation, and revenue generation.IR_Brochure

The Business Challenge

To build an effective market entry strategy and streamline operations, one of the leading oral care product manufacturers approached Infiniti Research. As the oral care product market is heavily influenced by factors such as the advent of innovate products and new product manufacturers, many companies in the healthcare space have started leveraging solutions that help address such issues. The insights gained on these parameters would influence the decisions made by our clients directly. Moreover, it would also reduce the error margins while making operational decisions and increase the probability of achieving a substantially higher success rate.

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Our Approach

To understand the current market landscape, the analysts at Infiniti Research conducted an extensive market research and assessed the growth of the market across several regions in the globe. The analysis was largely based on primary data collection from multiple stakeholders within the industry. This information gained from the stakeholders assisted our analysts to devise an impactful market entry strategy for the oral care product manufacturer. With the help of this market entry strategy, the client was able to streamline operations and enter new and niche market segments.

The Solutions Offered

Over the past couple of years, many manufacturers from the oral care market space have consulted with Infiniti Research when it comes to identifying and assessing the potential of emerging markets. This in-depth market entry study helped the client build better ROI generation models and business cases for their stakeholders. The market entry strategy further helped the client gain valuable insights on the operational environment in emerging countries.

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

With the help of the market entry strategy, the oral care product manufacturer gained actionable insights into the oral care products market in terms of the competition and the key product categories. Furthermore, the market entry study also helped the oral care product manufacturer gain actionable insights on the consumers’ usage patterns of these oral care products.

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