Leveraging Opportunities Arising from Cloud-based Technologies to Enter Emerging Markets

August 17, 2017

In this cloud-centric environment, businesses are incorporating cloud-based technologies to be more agile and seamless in their operations. With the help of the cloud, businesses can host services from a remote location, which can be accessed and used from anywhere; thereby, eliminating the need for physical infrastructure. Reputed organizations are also leveraging the use of cloud-based services in the form of “pay as you go model” to improve their business efficiency. In terms of software-as-a-service, the cloud comprises of end-user applications as a service, as compared to conventional on-premise software. Cloud finds its prevalence as an independent platform, where it provides a robust platform to the consumers to build and deploy customer application. The solution encompassed in the cloud architecture ranges from building APIs and tools in the business process management to security integration, allowing developers to run applications effectively on their platform.

Infiniti’s market entry strategy helps the client leverage the use of cloud as an infrastructure to assess and enter new market segments. The strategy also helps the client incorporate additional tools into their existing architecture to offer on-demand services and broad network access in a cost-effective manner.

The Business ChallengeIR_Brochure

Today’s cloud-based technology is advanced; and just like most other companies, a leading consulting firm was facing challenges developing and deploying customer propositions to spur new revenue stream opportunities significantly. The primary objective of this engagement was to maximize cloud-based technologies opportunities into their existing operations to drive better revenues from data services. The client wanted to deploy robust go-to-market strategies to position products effectively.

With a passionate and relentless focus towards delivering positive value to the customers, the client wanted to shift towards a customer-centric environment and help customers resolve their problems.

Our Approach

To understand the opportunities arising from cloud-based technologies, the client approached Infiniti’s market entry strategy experts. Infiniti’s market entry strategy experts assessed the demand landscape for identifying proposition in each of the target markets. Infiniti’s market entry strategy experts also considered the evaluation of operational assessment for developing and launching new propositions. Moreover, the client further gauged information from various proprietary sources such as company websites, industry forums, and company presentations to gain strategic insights into the cloud-based technology landscape.


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Market Entry Strategy Solution Benefits

  • Analyze the competitors and effectively implement go-to-market strategies
  • Increase sales, create brand awareness, and business stability
  • Estimate the market size and revenue patterns, identify the target segment, and create distribution channels
  • Allocate resources based on specific requirements
  • Understand the demography, business environment, economic and consumer-related factors that impact the market potential

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

In a short span of eight weeks, Infiniti’s market strategy experts helped the client devise an effective go-to-market strategy. The client was able to identify the potential competitors in the market and develop a better understanding of the market space. Moreover, the engagement also helped the client gain better flexibility to improve or redirect their marketing efforts.

A must-read market entry case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to develop an understanding of cloud-based technologies.

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