Market Opportunity Assessment of the E-evaluation Software Module

November 24, 2016

Business Challenge

A leading vendor for commerce decisions was looking for market assessment attractiveness services for the eEvaluation software module. The primary objective of this study was to provide strategic insights for effective business decisions for the client by assessing key market dynamics and trends across all the major verticals and to understand the market shares of major brands within the market space. capture

The eEvaluation service market includes SaaS-based software tools that enable companies to carry out strategic or complex procurements in conjunction with eTendering. These include tender documentation, ability to set evaluation criteria with respective weightings, and tender comparison in a secure common working environment.


With the help of our effective solutions, the client was able to understand the competitive market scenario for eSourcing in the US. E-evaluation is an integral part of eSourcing solutions and is not offered as a standalone product. Consequently, our study reveals that most suppliers are shifting toward bundled eSourcing solutions to save costs.

The client was also able to gain insights into supplier evaluation and selection to develop a pre-qualification strategy. Additionally, the client was also able to develop and launch tenders and assess and filter effective procurement processes to enter the US market.

Our Approach

Our approach involved carrying out an in-depth secondary research, comprising proprietary and other open secondary sources like paid industry databases, annual reports, media platforms, news aggregators, industry forums, and company presentations. This helped to develop fundamental market hypotheses and also identify stakeholders for primary research.

A comprehensive primary research was carried out to gather market and competitive information and develop actionable insights for the client. This comprised of in-depth interviews and discussions with industry experts, business executives, and market stakeholders to understand the market dynamics unique to the market in the US.

A must-read case study for all procurement and supply chain professionals looking to drive higher value from the use of eEvaluation software across various markets.

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