Market Analysis Engagement Helps a Global Mining Company Improve Market Shares

July 31, 2017

The recent years have witnessed a downfall in mining activities, owing to weak commodity prices, declining grades, and a fall in the demand from China. The presence of such challenges in the mining industry is increasing the need for devising an effective market analysis strategy. Market analysis engagement involves the study of the market in terms of its strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.IR_Brochure In the case of the mining sector, market analysis engagement helps the client formulate an effective market expansion strategy by taking into account the drawbacks. The robust process included in the market strategy comprise of creating a good labor force, ample investments, and good advertising. In addition, external factors such as economic factors, political instabilities, and even social changes can assist the marketers to identify the potential market challenges and take informed decisions for effective market expansion.

To help businesses gain more insights on the mining landscape, Infiniti’s market analysis solutions shed light on the effective market strategies that help in boosting the supplier’s growth. Our solutions also focus on identifying the potential drivers and trends in the market and gain actionable insights to sustain the growth of the market over the years.

The Business Challenge

A multinational mining company was facing challenges in meeting their operational targets. The client wanted to improve the efficiency of their operations and meet their respective targets within the stipulated deadline. The client was also facing challenges in terms of regulatory mandates, tax burdens, and stakeholder expectations in the market. The client approached Infiniti to assist them in delivering and sustaining targeted operational improvements and meet their targets.

Our Research Methodology

To gain strategic insights into the mining landscape, Infiniti’s market analysis experts followed a blended research approach comprising of interviews and discussion with leading market stakeholders. The experts also carried out ongoing training and coaching for stakeholders on the end-to-end project lifecycle. As a part of the secondary research, the experts also collated information across proprietary secondary sources such as news aggregators, industry forums, and company presentations.

Global mining company

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Our Market Analysis Solution Helped the Client

  • Develop a pipeline management tool to enable the client to prioritize potential future projects
  • Assess the project performance on a monthly basis
  • Gained a clear visibility on the market landscape
  • Facilitated day-to-day business improvement activities to help sustain project objectives

Benefits of Our Integrated Approach

In just 12 weeks, the client was better equipped to make informed decisions on project selection. The engagement also helped the client control additional costs, heighten efficiency, and improve safety performance. The engagement further assisted the client in strengthening portfolio management, link value to price, and integrate production and trading operations.

A must-read market analysis case study for strategy experts and decision makers looking to assess the market landscape for the mining industry.


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