Developing a Market Analysis Business Plan for a Leading Construction Equipment Manufacturer

October 24, 2018

The Need for a Market Analysis Business Plan

To succeed in today’s technologically oriented world, businesses need to scrutinize and monitor several internal and external factors to make sound business decisions regarding- pricing, distribution, promotion, and product development. Relying on assumptions instead of utilizing actual facts and figures will benefit in no way but depreciate the overall market value of organizations. However, mere analysis of these factors isn’t sufficient for long-lasting success, it requires a detailed business plan. A market analysis business plan acts as an instrumental tool to identify factors that drive demand, making it an essential part of businesses.

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Steps to Develop a Market Analysis Template

A detailed analysis of a market can help you create a robust business plan that keeps you on track. When conducting a market analysis study, you not only research what products and services bring in profit, but also determine those which do not meet the market demand. In-depth market analysis proves to be beneficial in understanding your competitors, customers, and market trends. Here are a few steps to develop a market analysis template for your business:

  • Define the purpose of your market study
  • Determine the target audience
  • Gather sufficient market data
  • Analyze the gathered information
  • Devise a suitable framework and put it to work

Client’s Profile

The client- a well-known player in the construction equipment manufacturing industry in the US.

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Predicaments Faced

A global manufacturer of heavy construction equipment was looking at assessing the market opportunities for their products and services in a few countries of their interest. The high uncertainty surrounding the current and future demand for their products and services prompted them to analyze the market segments that they wished to enter. This required forecasting, sizing, and detailed market analysis to identify the specific market segments for its products/services.

However, due to insufficient market knowledge about specific market segments they faced several challenges in developing a market analysis business plan. Though the client’s core management identified a few key high potential markets, they required expert suggestions through which they could:

  • Understand the individual market segments
  • Analyze different market scenarios

Our approach

We adopted a systematic approach, the initial phase of which revolved around segmenting the heavy construction equipment manufacturer’s challenges into smaller components, by relying on inputs from multiple experts from different functions. This led to the development of a successful market analysis template, but the segmentation complexity and data incompatibility posed several challenges in developing a global market analysis business plan. However, a detailed analysis of the historical behavior of heavy equipment manufacturers in other countries provided a blueprint for the likely scenarios in the target markets, assisting the development of a robust market analysis business plan.

Business Impact

The devised market analysis template assisted the construction equipment manufacturer to understand the changing market scenarios. This turned out to be a critical component of their marketing strategies and product development process. Also, with the help of the devised market analysis business plan, the client was successful in setting their mark in the new market segments.

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