Securing a Leading Edge in the US Investment Banking Industry with Market Intelligence Solutions

September 3, 2019

“Although the financial services industry continues to recover from the global economic crisis of 2008, companies in the investment banking industry in the United States are still struggling to regain former levels of profitability,” says a market research expert from Infiniti Research.

 Investment Banking Industry Overview

The financial crisis of 2008 has brought about an era of uncertainty for the banking industry. The increasing demand for sophisticated in-house applications, innovative customer management portals, and the rising need for transparency and security have put immense pressure on companies operating in the banking and finance industry. Moreover, stringent new rules have put almost all the major functions of the investment banking industry, specifically capital, liquidity, risk management, compliance, traded markets, and governance under far greater scrutiny. Given the stiff competition and heavy saturated marketplace, expert suggestions in the form of customized market research findings are invaluable to succeed in the long-run.

Investment Banking Industry

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Business Challenge

The client is one of the most prestigious investment banks based out of Europe.

As the client wanted to expand their operations to the US, they were looking for a research firm that could do an independent analysis of potential investment opportunities and provide recommendations based on the insights. Furthermore, the client wanted to stay updated on the latest regional economic developments through ongoing research and analysis. By staying updated on important economic issues and market developments in the US, the client desired to provide enhanced value for customers.

Other key objectives the client wanted to tackle by leveraging Infiniti’s market intelligence solution were:

Investment banking industry challenge #1: Post-crisis uncertainty and ambiguity

Post financial crisis 2008, the banking sector in the United States has been struck by waves of regulatory changes, which fundamentally transformed the way companies operate. Furthermore, new rules and regulatory changes have started coming to the forefront. The client, therefore, wanted to understand all the regulatory changes and make changes in their business strategies to comply with regulatory needs.

Investment banking industry challenge #2: Keeping up with innovations

Financial technology (FinTech) presents huge opportunities for companies operating in the investment banking sector. However, it also brings about certain challenges such as funding restrictions and technology concerns. In order to make the most of FinTech, the client wanted to keep up with technological innovations and also address challenges coming their way.

Investment banking industry challenge #3: Planning for growth and distinctiveness

The client wanted to gain a better understanding of the current and future market potential, spend, value chain, and market trends in the investment banking industry.

We assist companies in the banking industry to better manage their balance sheets while providing regulatory and market entry advisory solutions. Solutions Offered

As a part of the market intelligence engagement, the experts at Infiniti Research conducted a US investment banking industry analysis. During the industry analysis, the experts at analyzed certain factors such as market potential, market developments, investment banking industry trends, and the US banking industry growth rate. By leveraging Infiniti’s expertise in offering market entry solutions, the experts helped the client to analyze macro and micro-economic environment, identify potential barriers to market entry, and identify the best route to enter the US investment banking industry.

By conducting a detailed market opportunity analysis engagement, the experts at Infiniti Research helped the client to assess markets’ readiness for new offerings including financial technologies. With our help, the client was also able to understand certain challenges in adoption of financial technologies and take actions to address them.

By leveraging our expertise in offering market scanning solution, the experts at Infiniti Research helped the client to understand the evolving regulatory rules and track regional industry developments.

Results Obtained

Our market intelligence solution helped the client to gain detailed insights on all the latest regulatory changes in the US investment banking industry, keep up with financial technologies, and evaluate market potential for their services in the US. The detailed understanding of the US investment banking industry helped the client to plan for growth and distinctiveness. Furthermore, they were able to secure a leading edge and become one among the top companies in the US banking sector.

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