Investigating the logistics landscape in Europe and the Middle East

November 30, 2022

Logistics Market Overview

Our client is a research services company engaged by a large enterprise to investigate and analyze the logistics market in Europe and the Middle East. Given the scale of the research, the client thought it prudent to move key pieces of the project to a reliable market intelligence service provider. After a few days of due diligence, the client decided to work with our logistics market experts.

Client’s business situation in logistics market

The logistics market landscape in Europe and the Middle East includes providers of (outsourced) third-party logistics services (3PL), warehouse management systems (WMS), as well as transport management solutions (TMS). The logistics market holds much promise, and some of this has already suffices the current market scenario. However, key issues still run through market participants’ minds in the sector. Among these are the shortage of skilled workers, increased lead times for shipping containers, and skyrocketing freight charges. Getting products into the hands of customers in an efficient manner via air, express delivery services, freight rail, trucks, and ships is primarily what the sector does. However, fragmented supply chains, processes, and teams make shipments increasingly ticklish.  

To get a better and clearer understanding of the European and Middle East logistics market, the client looked for the following deliverables from our team:   

  • Estimation of the market size of 3PL and WMS segments, 2017 to 2032 
  • Analysis of key market trends and market drivers for the focus period
  • Assessment of key players and products, as well as their competitive standing

Our market intelligence solution

The study estimates that the logistics market in Europe will post a two-fold growth between 2017 and 2032. The market growth for the Middle East is likely to be 1.5x or more during the focus period. The study, which looked at 46 European states, finds that 16 of these states represented nearly 82% of the European logistics market in 2021. Meanwhile, the report says that nine out of the seventeen Middle East states covered by the research contributed up to four-fifths of the revenues generated by logistics market from the region in 2021.

The report further deep dives into the key market segments, namely, 3PL and WMS. In Europe, the WMS market will expand more than 4x between 2017 and 2032. During the same period, the Middle East region expects growth of up to 4%.

This case study segments the WMS market for the focus period into services and software (i.e., on-premise and cloud), thus providing highly detailed views. The study reckons 3PL will make up nearly 30% of the WMS services market, 41% of the WMS software market, and close to half of the on-premises market by 2032. 3PL will also constitute 39% of the WMS cloud segment.

3PL will continue its reign as the leading end-use industry for WMS on-premise and cloud software segments, ahead of at least four other sectors. In short, the report dissects the WMS market by components, deployment, and end-use industry, thus shedding some interesting light on how the WMS segment stacks up.  

The case study also considers five key competitors who, together, represent 39% of the European WMS market. The same players hold at least 41% of the WMS market in the Middle East. The research includes profiles of these businesses, covering their corporate overview, key customers, and important end users, as well as competitive strengths and relative weaknesses. The study does more or less the same with the WMS startup landscape and looks over three up-and-coming WMS startup players each in Europe and the Middle East.

The report points to hosted services, pay-as-you-go models, bespoke solutions, automated storehouses, and small-sized freight as some of the key market-defining trends in the days ahead. The sector must pay heed to process improvements and waste minimization, both of which are crucial from an existential standpoint. One end-user segment is expanding quickly, and dialing into this opportunity is important for logistics industry participants.

Client benefits

Our team shared its findings with the client in April 2022. Teams at the client end are building out new market growth plans using our insights as a baseline.

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