Demand Forecasting Solution to Reduce Operating Costs by 17% for a Fast Food Company

Dec 4, 2019

Fast Food Industry Overview[spacer height=”20px”]

Increasing disposable income and changing food habits of customers in developing countries are driving the growth of fast food industry. Additionally, convenience and affordability of fast food are likely to aid the global fast food industry growth. However, supply chain issues such as lack of traceability, inability to maintain safety and quality of products, inadequate communication between parties, and rising supply chain costs are making it difficult for fast food manufacturers to efficiently cater to their customers’ needs and demands. As such, companies in the fast food industry are turning to inventory management solutions to prevent stock-outs and speed up order fulfillment.

Whether you are running a global operation or working with local suppliers, having real-time visibility into your inventory is imperative to efficiently manage supply chain operations and processes. Our inventory management solution can help you to achieve this business objective. Request a FREE proposal today!

Business Challenge[spacer height=”20px”]

The client is a fast food company based out of the United States. The client majorly focused into home delivery services.

Our client, a company in the US fast food industry, faced difficulties in communicating their delivery needs between staffs, drivers, and production centers across various locations in the United States. Also, as customers demanded transparency into where their products are in real-time, the client realized the need to invest into cost-effective technologies to track real-time inventory.

Besides, they were unable to deal with unexpected changes in product demand due to the lack of an efficient supply chain management system. The client, therefore, chose to partner with Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering inventory management solution. By leveraging Infiniti’s inventory management solution, they wanted to tackle supply chain challenges and focus more into their core business objectives.

The company in the fast food industry also wanted to tackle other challenges such as:


[spacer height=”20px”]Fast food industry challenge #1: Lack of traceability

As consumers demanded complete transparency into where their orders are in real-time, the company in the fast food industry realized the need to invest into real-time inventory tracking system. By doing so, they wanted to strengthen the brand value and increase customer loyalty. With Infiniti’s help, the company in the fast food industry also wanted to identify cost-effective technologies that their competitors invested on to tackle this challenge.

Fast food industry challenge #2: Inability to maintain the safety and quality of food products

Poor storage and warehousing practices, delays in transportation, and inclement weather made it difficult for the company’s manufacturing sector to produce and distribute high-quality products. The client, therefore, wanted to identify the right suppliers to provide them with the best raw materials, implement the right production method, and invest into the right packaging materials to ensure the safety and freshness of their products.

Fast food industry challenge #3: Rising supply chain costs

The rising fuel costs and freight charges were increasing operating costs for the company. Also, the client’s unstructured approach to supply chain management resulted in huge losses for the company. They wanted to streamline supply chain operations and avoid conditions for stock-outs and overstocks.

Fragmented data and lack of communication can have a major impact on the fast food industry supply chain. Our inventory management solution can help you to forecast the target stock levels that are required to meet the rising demand for goods and services and efficiently manage supply chain activities. Contact us today to leverage our inventory management solution.

Our Approach[spacer height=”20px”]

The experts at Infiniti Research followed a four-phased approach that involved:


[spacer height=”20px”]Inventory forecasting analysis to determine reorder points by analyzing previous sales history, trends in sales and demand, and average lead time.

Technology assessment to identify cost-effective tools or technologies to gain supply chain visibility and view of inventory throughout.

Demand planning solution to predict demand patterns based on historical sales data, customer orders, and market indicators.

Competitive intelligence engagement to analyze the client’s key competitors and their business strategies.

Market research study to identify the US fast food industry size and market transformations.

As customer demands are extremely dynamic, companies in the fast food industry must accurately plan inventory activities to reduce product stock-outs and overstocks. Our inventory management solution can help you to tackle all your supply chain challenges. Request for more information and our experts will get back to you with customized solutions.

Results Obtained[spacer height=”20px”]

Infiniti’s inventory management solution helped the company in the fast food industry to enhance supply chain activities and speed up the delivery process. Also, by investing into inventory tracking technologies and tools, the client was able to better manage logistics activities and timely deliver products. Besides, Infiniti’s inventory management solution helped the company in the fast food industry to enhance the accuracy in demand forecasting by 25%.

Infiniti’s experts also helped the client to identify the right suppliers to provide them with superior quality raw materials. This helped the company in the fast food industry to enhance the product quality and customer satisfaction. In addition, by building a back-up plan, the client was able to efficiently adapt to the unexpected changes in product demand and delays in transportation.


By leveraging Infiniti’s market research engagement, the experts helped the client to identify the latest trends in food packaging. Within one year of leveraging our inventory management solution, the client was able to better plan supply chain activities, enhance communication between different teams, and speed up delivery process. In addition, the company in the fast food industry was able to reduce operating costs by 17%.[spacer height=”20px”]

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