Customer Intelligence Study on Preventive Maintenance (PM) of Back-Up Power Equipment in North America

August 29, 2016

Business Challenge

A leading global industrial equipment manufacturer wanted to understand the customer characteristics and buying behavior for the preventive maintenance services of power backup equipment such as generator sets, ATS, switchgear, and HVAC.


The client was interested in assessing the demand drivers for PM services, identifying the decision-makers and influencers in the buying process, analyzing the customer preference for a single vendor for all maintenance requirements, and understanding customer perception of the client vs. major competitors in PM services.


We conducted comprehensive online and telephone interviews for this engagement. Interviews were conducted with 50+ respondents to understand segment-wise customer perception and demand.


The client gained an understanding of customer needs on major aspects of PM programs (PM), i.e. preventative maintenance, predictive maintenance, and emergency repair, their expectations from PM service suppliers, and was able to develop strategies to cater to their unmet needs.

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