Infiniti’s Heat Map Analysis Increased Website Sign Up Rate by 27% for an E-commerce Company

May 7, 2019

The e-commerce industry has experienced a positive growth rate over the past few years and will continue to expand over the next decade. With more competitors looming on the horizon, it becomes imperative for companies in the e-commerce industry to start thinking about ways to improve their conversion rates and have a competitive edge in the market. Therefore, companies are leveraging heat map analysis to gain insights needed to optimize the website and user experience.

Business Challenge

The client is an e-commerce company with operations spread across the United Kingdom. The company was in the process of changing some elements and UI on their website. As recent studies revealed that the flow and layout of the website makes a huge difference in conversion rates, the client wanted to understand how their customers were interacting with their website and identify opportunities for improvement. Even though the client had been using web analytics tools for tracking traffic, they lacked the knowledge on how to optimize their website and improve conversion. With Infiniti’s heat map analysis, the client wanted to analyze the sections of their website that were getting maximum traction from customers and also needed to understand the right placements of call-to-action buttons to gain higher engagement.

Solutions Offered

Our experts conducted a heat map analysis of the client’s website. The phases of this engagement included an analysis of scroll maps, click maps, and hover maps.

With Infiniti’s heat map analysis solution, the client was able to determine the number average website visitors in a month, examine how their audiences navigated through the website, and identify the pages that received maximum engagement.

Infiniti’s heat map analysis helped the client to determine where they should place their call-to-action buttons to gain maximum traction from customers. This further helped the client to identify the non-essential elements that were distracting customers from completing their purchases. Furthermore, Infiniti’s heat map analysis solution helped the client to understand their customers interacted with their website and how they navigated throughout the webpage.

Based on the heat map analysis, the client was able to identify the web page which received maximum audience engagement. This further helped the client to change the UI of their login page to increase the rate of sign up. In a short span of 7 months, the client was able to increase the website sign up rate by 27%. This subsequently improved conversion rate by 43%.


What is Heat Map Analysis?

A heat map is the pictorial representation of website data. A heat map provides a visual representation of what users do on a website. Heat map analysis helps businesses identify the most popular and unpopular pages on a specific website. This helps businesses to analyze the customer requirements and optimize their websites for increasing customer engagement. By leveraging heat map analysis, companies can find out whether their customers are reaching the important contents of the webpage.

Through heat map analysis, you can get answers to these 5 questions:

Are your audiences seeing the important contents while visiting the website?

Are your customers clicking in on key in-page elements?

Are non-clickable elements confusing your customers?

Are your customers getting distracted with the design and layout of your website?

Are people experiencing any issues across all channels?

Types of Heat Maps

CaptureThere are 3 main types of heat maps. Let’s have a look at them:

Scroll maps – This analysis examines how audiences interact with a particular website. This can help businesses understand where their users lose interest. This will further help them to prioritize the content throughout the website.

Click maps – Analysis of click maps helps businesses analyze average clicks throughout the webpages. This further helps them analyze sections which received less traction from customers. Moreover, it helps companies to take desired actions on improving the design and layout of their websites.

Hover map – This can help businesses analyze where customers hover their cursor the most. This can further help companies in placing the important elements in sections where they’ve received maximum engagement.

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