Infiniti’s Market Analysis Helps a Leading Healthy Hot Drinks Manufacturer Develop a Sound Business Plan

August 17, 2018

Healthy Hot Drinks Market Overview

Healthy hot drinks are on the rise and almost all segments of the food and beverage industry are facing an exponential growth frequency coupled with a constant alteration in consumer preferences. Increasing demand for healthy hot drinks in emerging countries coupled with the introduction of new beverage variants has resulted in superior demand for global healthy hot drinks. Hot drinks, such as tea and coffee help in uplifting the mood of an individual and increases their energy levels.  Additionally, healthy hot drinks possess health benefits such as coffee is known as the psychoactive element because it contains a stimulant called caffeine which improves various aspects of the human brain function.

healthy hot drinks manufacturers identify the threats and opportunities that may evolve relevant to the weaknesses and strengths of a business.

What the Client Wanted

As part of the company’s overall approach to drive growth through methodical expansion into complementary product categories in the foodservice channel, a leading beverage manufacturer identified healthy hot drinks as an untapped market opportunity that they would like to explore and possibly chase.

The Outcome

The client developed a brand and product concept, developed a go-to-market strategy, commercialized the delivery system, successfully pilot tested the concept, and is currently rolling out healthy hot drinks both internationally and domestically in key foodservice channels.

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About the Client

The client – is an American conglomerate headquartered in the US. 

Client’s Challenge

The beverage manufacturer had little experience in the healthy hot drinks category and did not understand the characteristics or dynamics of the marketplace. The company, however, had the capital to invest in market analysis but was hesitant to do so without a comprehensive business case to justify the investment. To help the client develop the business case, Infiniti Research was asked to work with the Business Development and Marketing functions to thoroughly understand the market and competitive environment and evaluate the attractiveness of the probable new market opportunity.

Business Impact

Infiniti Research helped the healthy hot drinks manufacturer develop a sound business plan. Additionally, to support this conclusion based on the market and competitive analysis, Infiniti’s market analysis experts concluded that this opportunity would be a very attractive investment for the client.

Healthy Hot Drinks Future

The mainstream healthy hot drinks market is becoming increasingly aware of functional ingredient benefits. As a result, individuals are looking for beverages that provide ‘purpose,’ like energy, satiety, or immunity.

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