Fostering a Competitive Culture Using Competitive Benchmarking Analysis – A Case Study on the US Healthcare Industry

September 27, 2018

US Healthcare System Overview

Amongst the healthcare systems in advanced industrialized countries the US healthcare system is unique in every aspect.  This can be attributed to several factors including the absence of a uniform health care system and the recently mandated regulation regarding the need to offer health care coverage to almost everyone. However, over the years, several factors have paved the way for new challenges in the U.S healthcare industry. This makes it even more vital to staying clear-eyed about the difficulties faced by the healthcare industry players. Overcoming these challenges is easier said than done. But, with the availability of vast data sources, it is now possible to benchmark the industry standards and implement business processes to comply with the regulations.


US Healthcare Industry Outlook

With outcomes, quality, and standards being the buzzwords for the US healthcare industry- the stakeholders in the US and across the globe are on the lookout for innovative and cost-effective solutions to deliver patient-centric, tech-enabled smart healthcare services to their customers both within and outside the hospital walls.

As we come to the end of 2018 and head into 2019, leading US healthcare industry players are constantly dabbling upstream, straddling two canoes between value-based healthcare services and advanced healthcare. Owing to this one may wonder- What other challenges lie ahead for the US healthcare industry in the coming year? How will the healthcare system leaders tackle such challenges? Submit RFP to find out.

Client’s Background

The client- a leading player in the US healthcare industry

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Client’s Challenge

Today the healthcare industry is witnessing major industrial transformations and changes in regulations owing to the rise in the global competitive pressure. To outpace the growing competition in the US healthcare industry, the client decided to conduct a competitive benchmarking analysis to analyze and outweigh their peers. Also, the client wanted to understand their business as well as that of their peers to implement processes and internal policies to surpass the competition.

Our Approach

The competitive benchmarking analysis engagement began with the development of a list of key metrics to measure and compare the performance of the company. Our competitive benchmarking experts then moved on to the collection and review of peer group data. The data gathered included primary and secondary information collected from 300+ relevant sources within the industry.

Business Impact

The recommendations and solutions offered by Infiniti’s competitive benchmarking analysis experts helped the client to identify effective business operations to capitalize on new opportunities. Competitive benchmarking also empowered them to identify and prioritize the benchmarked performance gaps.

The results of this competitive benchmarking analysis study were utilized to take maximum advantage of the benefits of benchmarking, which, in turn, enhanced the process of standardization of organizational data and hierarchies of information.


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