Survey Research on Use of Etoposide as First Line of Treatment for Lung Cancer in Europe

Aug 29, 2016

Business Challenge

A leading cancer drug manufacturer wanted to understand the level of acceptance of etoposide as the first line of treatment for lung cancer.


The client wanted to analyze the trend of using platinum doublet chemotherapy with etoposide for the first-line of treatment of patients with unresectable, locally advanced, stage III, non-squamous, non-small cell lung cancer in 10 different countries in Europe.


We obtained data from secondary research as well as extensive primary interviews (conducted with oncologists and doctors, nurses, and caregivers working in the field of lung cancer) to obtain detailed and relevant insights on the preference for etoposide and to assess the existence of alternative methods.


The insights helped the client identify critical parameters for the acceptance of platinum doublet chemotherapy with etoposide as the first line of treatment, and also to uncover areas of improvement to encourage the usage of etoposide over available alternatives.

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