Market Opportunity Analysis for a Global Fruity Alcoholic Drinks Brand

October 4, 2018

Fruity Alcoholic Drinks Market: What’s the buzz all about?

A recent survey on the beverage industry suggests, millennials prefer fruit infused alcoholic beverages which is the reason why leading market players are flooding the market with different variants of fruity alcoholic drinks. There are several new brands that have been hitting the market lately owing to the immense popularity of this beverage. What started as a more mainstream fruit and extracts realm has now steadily migrated to a dizzying array of new frontiers due to which leading brands and suppliers are hopping onto the new trend with the introduction of a bevy of new flavors and products within the fruity alcoholic drinks market.


Bursting the Bubble Around the Need for a Market Opportunity Analysis Template

With the continuous change in market dynamics and strategies, a market opportunity analysis template has become more of a necessity to study the attractiveness of a distinctive market within an industry. Market opportunity analysis template help in exploring an industry to study and understand the needs of segments. It also offers analytic insights that empower you to steer your brand around obstacles that could have otherwise impeded market growth.

Client’s Profile

The client- a well-known, global fruity alcoholic drinks brand

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Predicaments Faced

Our client, a global fruity alcoholic drinks brand was looking at tracking industry related information, reports, and relevant news to gain in-depth insights into how partnerships could be best utilized to gain a winning edge within the market. Also, the growing demand for fruit infused flavored drinks among the global population has led to a rise in the number of companies entering the fruity alcoholic drinks segment.

This along with other demographic factors has prompted the client to expand their operating base by entering new geographic market segments. To analyze new market opportunities across geographies the client approached Infiniti Research to devise a suitable solution.

Our approach

Market intelligence is a major component of market opportunity analysis and focuses mainly on building and developing new skills. The market opportunity analysis experts at Infiniti Research leveraged market intelligence in assessing the market conditions globally.

Based on specific requirements from the fruity alcoholic drinks brand our market opportunity analysis experts fine-tuned the client’s strategies and helped them develop a precise market opportunity analysis template to assess key areas with high potential. With the help of several market surveys and interviews, we were successful in identifying key high potential markets.


Business Impact

The implementation of the market opportunity analysis template helped the fruity alcoholic drinks manufacturer to easily access market data and drive down investments in markets with less potential. Also due to the assortment of information that was made available to the fruity alcoholic drinks manufacturer, they were successful in deriving insights on the key areas of their interest, which, in turn, uncovered better opportunities.

This in-depth market opportunity analysis helped uncover insights on:

  • New market opportunities
  • Developing innovative products

Today, market landscapes change faster than ever, so if you haven’t analyzed your market, it’s probably time to assess the changing market landscape.

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